Blue Vanille 
Henry Jacques (2016)

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Blue Vanille by Henry Jacques

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Blue Vanille is a men's fragrance launched in 2016 by Henry Jacques

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Reviews of Blue Vanille by Henry Jacques

There are 3 reviews of Blue Vanille by Henry Jacques.

Bleu Vanille is a subtle, benzoin-driven vanilla scent with a hint of ginger or mace for a kick of something dirty(ish). A trace amount of either camphor or pine sap ultimately pushes it in the general direction of those dry, aromatic vanillas like Eau Duelle (Diptyque) and Vanille Insensée (Atelier Cologne). In other words, this is the fresh face of vanilla, rather than gourmand or creamy. Its peppery zing makes it eminently wearable by a man.

This is a fairly straightforward, spiced tobacco-vanilla composition, though very well executed. Fans of the genre should be very much encouraged to try this one. Vanilla isn't my favorite type of fragrance, but this is certainly one of my favorites from the genre.

This is a great fragrance! Blue Vanilla is the perfect name because obviously of vanilla, but... it does have a blue feel to it it's hard to describe. But this is my first sample of any HJ attar/Pure Parfum. Has a great vanilla vibe with some spices. As it dries down it starts to smell like AdP Assoluta but a way way better version. I also get a small hint of AdP Intensa. The Vanilla is big but not to tacky and sickly sweet. This is wonderful. Hard to describe but if you like that Benzoin,Vanillic vibe in Givenchy Pi, Guerlain Boise d' Armenie and like the clean super clean almost white musk vibe in AdP Assoluta then this is yours. a highly opulent, better, higher quality version. It's so much more than the AdP Assoouta and a touch of the AdP Intensa vibe! you have to just go for it to get the full picture. This fragrance will replace for future purchases of like 4 fragrances now. That I usually rebuy once they start getting low. It covers all 4 in one fragrance and does it better. Looking to try more this stuff if expensive but once you find your perfect HJ's and see the quality you will feel more better about pulling the trigger on these very very expensive fragrances. Dynamite sexy stuff this is! The wife loves it and she hates about 85% of what I wear from my collection of decants. Also received many many compliments on this particular HJ fragrance.

Love it, will try more HJ's soon hopefully. This should be a must have in any fragrance heads collection. Just wonderful. I know opinions vary we are all different but I love it. You owe it to yourself to try this!

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