Blue Stratos 
Parfums Bleu (1976)

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Now produced by Parfums Bleu in the UK. This popular fragrance was launched in 1975 by Shulton Inc., The creators of Old Spice.

More information: Parfums Bleu Limited, 11 Castle Hill, Maidenhead, Berks SL6 4AA, England.
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Reviews of Blue Stratos by Parfums Bleu

There are 15 reviews of Blue Stratos by Parfums Bleu.

I am writing this review based on the aftershave in the 50ml splash bottle. I have never tried the EDT version of this fragrance. Blue Stratos reminds me of the 1980s, I can still remember the television advert of the man hang gliding over snow covered alps. As a boy I smelt this fougere on uncles and family friends. Today the fragrance evokes some nostalgia and a feeling of being freshly shaved and groomed. But I also feel that the fragrance has aged a bit. Definitely an older mans barbershop fragrance. It opens with strong musk, lavender and geranium notes. As it settles the musk remains strong but I start to notice the vanilla more. The aftershave lasts about 4 or 5 hours on me and the projection is strong initially and settles after about two hours of wear. Overall a decent fragrance, very reminiscent of it's era, and comparable in value to Brut or Old Spice.
May 30, 2021

The EDT of Blue Stratos seems to be more rapidly faithful to the notes than the aftershave (which is foolishly offered in a spray rather than a splash). The aftershave has a sharper alcohol opening before anything starts to happen and I can imagine impatient people leaving it on the shelf after testing it. This review is for the EDT, though the two do have the same scent. All new bottles no longer have the sleek shiny cap, instead having a clumsy anodised matt cap.

The citrus top is spot on: Lemon, lime and bergamot, quickly caught up by lavender, geranium and a light patchouli. Initially it smells very unisex, powdery; like 'posh soap' and bath cubes. It broadens out, however, and becomes somewhat richer and deeper, with a slightly creamy edge to it. It's a very clean smell, but softer and with less punch than e.g. Tabac, even though it sometimes mimics parts of that fragrance's aroma.

The base notes settle into woody vanilla, with faint citrus and florals still discernible. The scent is well-rounded and becomes mellow, quite refined and more masculine during the transition between middle and basenotes. Many children of the 70s and 80s will have an olfactory memory of Blue Stratos; either aftershave or talcum powder and if the scent has been reformulated at all, it hasn't changed all that much.

It's probably a daytime scent, though this is a matter of taste and what works for a person's skin. Someone's review referred to it as 'inoffensive' and it is. It's cheap (in price), but it certainly isn't nasty. And so I give it a thumbs up.

Sillage - probably weaker than it should be. For you and people close to you to enjoy. Spray more if you want to project more.

Longevity - quite decent, but close to the skin for the final stretch.
Mar 1, 2016

I was intrigued to try this, having never heard of it, after reading Luca Turin's review - 4 stars - "Classic Fougere."

It is light and cool and sweet and bracing, definitely of its day (1976) and definitely of the Old Spice school, having originally been made by the same company, Shulton.

The citrus top notes are beautifully blended with the geranium, rose and lavender heart. The base of dark patchouli and cedarwood is equally well balanced with the softer vanilla, amber and musk.

Very old fashioned and very comforting as well. Great as a summer after shower splash. It is very close to the classic Pinot's Clubman in the sweetness and coolness of its overall scent.

Simple and gentle little marvel. Recommended.

First Edit: Upon getting to know this, I find my initial Clubman impression was wrong. It is really more akin to Coty's L'Aimant with its combination of jasmine and a certain old-fashioned and pleasing nuttiness. Most unusual for a men's cologne.
Jan 14, 2016

Very pleasant indeed. A decent scent for any occasion - fresh, cool and clean. Smells unique and to my nose Blue Stratos definitely belongs in the late 1970s/early 1980s memory slot - reminds me of a time when 3 wheeler vans existed and when one had to walk over to a TV set to change the channel. For the price it's an absolute bargain considering the scent, sillage and longevity. Cheap enough to discard if this fragrance is not for you.
Dec 3, 2015

Not as fresh as I remember Maybe memories play tricks, but I had this down as wonderfully cool and refreshing, albeit one-note and bargain basement cheap. Instead, it seems pretty synthetic and unpleasant.Pros: Not an Aqua, despite the bottle. Cheap as...Cons: Synthetic, mercifully short longevity"
Jul 28, 2013

Blue Stratos is a very personal fragrance for me. Because it reminds me of very dark, very troubled time in my life, and a wonderful person who helped me through it.

A simple but competent fougere worlds better than Brut. Musky lavender, in which the lavender is stripped of anything particularly bracing or harsh; there's nothing quite like it.

I've never seen it for sale overseas, only in Australia, which perplexes me: I've never smelled it on anyone but this special person who helped me through the worst of my life.

Its rather weak, these days, a shadow of its former self even of 5 years ago. Weakened, but not reformulated. I use the spray deodorant, the antiperspirant spray, the soap on a rope, the talc, and the EdT when it can be found. Layered, it surrounds in my special warmth to remind me of that special friend half a world away, and bolsters me through a bad day. :)
Mar 22, 2013

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