Blue Escapade 24 fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Grapefruit, Orange
  • Heart

    • Fig, Berries, Geranium leaves
  • Base

    • Cedarwood, Vetiver, Benzoin

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Latest Reviews of Blue Escapade 24

Mmmmmm.....I like this one! Very woodsy. As mentioned by others above, there is a sharpness to this scent in the middle notes, but I loved it from start to finish. The cedar wood smell carried me through a difficult day and made me smile whenever it wafted up to my nose. There's an almost coconut smell in this fragrance as well to my senses, although it's probably something else, and my untrained nose just doesn't know what it is. But, I enjoyed each transition, each scent, and each "scent"sation! I would recommend getting a sample of this to anyone who enjoys outdoor, woods smells with hints of sweet fruit. It's very green smelling to me, which is appropriate since it is bright green in color, but which is also funny, since it's called "Blue" Escapade. I can't wait to wear it again.
6th February 2016
Blue Escapade is, in theory, the vetiver of the Krigler line. The vetiver is strong on top, flanked by touches of pine and something vaguely mentholated, like some combination of eucalyptus and mint, with a big slug of spicy cumin underneath. Given time, the cumin becomes the star of the show. It's sweaty and strong and likely to turn away quite a few people, though the combination of vetiver and cumin and forest smells, with hints of rum and boozy fig in the background, is quite well done and will likely appeal to fans of Declaration and other artsty woody cumin scents. The base is a perfectly rendered oak tree smell, dirty and smelling of bark, with the lingering pinches of cumin to give it a bit of forest raunch and keep it from smelling like a wine barrel.

In the end, I'm just not a cumin fan, but the combination of the cumin and vetiver and forest smells and boozy fig is excellently put together, and the oak in the base is pretty much perfect, so Blue Escapade really does deserve a thumbs up.
29th November 2014

Another very retro strong gutsy fragrance from Krigler, Blue Escapade has a very odd, sharp, strong mid-note that did not appeal to me at all. It's as if the top notes which were pretty nice ran away and the basenotes were hiding out for a change of weather, and this thing....this mid-note, the harsh not was yelling its head off for a good hour or two. I have no idea what it was, but I wished it would have gone away sooner. In the end, this cedar or whatever died down. The rest was, sadly, a bit boring. I was hoping for lot. I got a lot, but not what I was hoping for. In the end I was glad it was gone. I assume this was all due to body chemistry. In my case this was a bit of Blue Funk. This is a strong scent. Approach with caution.
31st October 2012