Blue Amber 
Montale (2006)

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Blue Amber by Montale

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Blue Amber is a shared scent launched in 2006 by Montale

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Reviews of Blue Amber by Montale

There are 52 reviews of Blue Amber by Montale.

Definitely got the citrus/floral in the beginning, with the sweet amber carrying it all the way through. Not my favorite of the Montales I've sampled, but maybe the most wearable? Lasted into the next day on the skin.

How delightful! After wearing this a few times I finally smell the bergamot and geranium. They didn't show up for me, the first few times I wore it. At least, not very strong. Blue Amber is in one of my favorite categories, Oriental.

For my nose, I get musty vetiver and patchouli. Sweetish amber and vanilla, then the aforementioned get all spiced from the coriander. A funny thing happens when this begins to fade. I get a smell memory reminiscent of cork grease. The stuff I used to use when assembling my clarinet, way back when I was young. This is a good thing. I always enjoyed that smell.

At any rate, if you enjoy spicy, amber-ish, aromatic, sweetish, patchy Orientals, you will like this Montale offering.

I don't think "Blue" is appropriate here since the amber coming off this scent is very warming and persistent. I'd go with "Dark Orange" since it has this slow, smouldering campfire fire feel via the incense. And then there's the powdery vanilla that shines and dominates when you get into the drydown. I think as long as you agree with amber-vanilla-incense notes, you should like this.

Also, as with every Montale I've tried, projection and longevity are best in class. Save this for colder days.

One of the best ambers. Beast mode projection/longevity. Nothing to dislike unless you dislike Amber. 10/10

The eponymous amber strikes me from the beginning, but this is quite an unusual amber note: neither heavy nor resinous, it a lightness and brightness that is quite unusual, and that is owed to a restrained bergamot and some hesperidic undertones.

In the drydown an light, unobtrusive powdery imoression is added; this is not a rich traditional barbershop powderiness, but it is more of the lighter and mire elegant version. Here I also get some coriander with a few woodsy notes mixed in, adding depth and richness to the amber.

The base adds an - again restrainedly - sweet - vanilla aroma together with a soft patchouli that is intertwined with whiffs of white musk.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and a splendid twelve hours from this creation.

Nothing extraordinary here, but a nice springtime re-interpretation of the traditionally darker and harsher ambery approach. At the border between neutral and positive, this is pushed across the line due the pleasant and somewhat unconventional approach towards the creation of an amber note, and by its impressive longevity. Less intensive and less intrusive than other products of the same house. 3/5.

I'm wary of ambers – they can be too warm, too monolithic (sitting like a migraine-triggering lump on one's skin), too familiar. Many wear out their welcome as far as I'm concerned, smelling the same for hours on end and too rich by half. The ambers I do go for tend to have the sweets severely cut down – like Olympic Orchid's quirky Olympic Amber that is dark, dry and smells of boot polish. Or they are not the principal theme of the perfume, revealing their hand only in the later stages.
Blue Amber is hugely sweet but in the baby powder rather than the treacly mode that so many ambers adopt. Here it reminded me of certain characterless vintages of a bygone era – yup, not all discontinued vintage perfumes were masterpieces of chypric archness, many just smelled of talc and flavourless boiled sweets. It also has a whopping dose of synthetic vanilla, equal in power to the resinous ambery base.
But its main flaw is that it is trying to do something interesting (a pink-clad bawling baby amber, I'll try some of that) with ingredients that my nose perceives as el cheapo. A kind of eau-de-pesticide feel hangs around its edges – maybe a side effect of all that powder mixing with resins? It does get increasingly resinous in the drydown but it's just not for me.

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