Blu Notte fragrance notes

  • Head

    • iris, galanga
  • Heart

    • vodka
  • Base

    • dark chocolate

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This is my all time favourite perfume and I spend far too much time searching for something comparable. The top notes when first applied are refreshing and perfumey. It soon mellows down to something more earthy and heavy. It brings to mind mysteriousness and sophistication. I really wish they would bring it back.
4th March 2018
I get just a hint of vodka with a generic hit of floral. Maybe a bit of vanilla chocolate in the drydown. A very subtle fragrance that might work for riding on a train in close quarters, or at work when you have to sit around a conference table and want something low and quiet.

I prefer loud and sassy it seems, but there is a gentle beauty here.
17th March 2012

This is a fuzzy, powdery fragrance with a powdery iris blend. But the vodka note (even if it may be a ginger infused one) really stands out here, and smells like a blast of semi sweet musk.

I can't help but feel like I've had 3 drinks past a good buzz, and the smell of the next drink in front of me is making my stomach churl. I had to give this one away, as I could not get past the searing vodka.
12th September 2011
I've been wearing this for over an hour now. I immiediately smelled the vodka & ginger, but the chocolate has yet to make an appearance...that disappoints me, as that was one of the reasons I bought this scent. Maybe in the dry-down? Right now I can detect the iris, amber, and dominating powdery notes.

This is not very strong; I chose it specifically for work because it's as inoffensive as you can get, at least in my opinion. I'm curious to see how long it lasts. I definitely agree with most that this is a winter scent.

Edit: after several hours, I definitely get the chocolate...a warm, watery chocolate...very strange yet intriguing combination! I really like this!

27th March 2011
A dark, light, powdery, slightly "rubbery/shower-gel type" aroma which neither disappoints me at all nor soars higher and higher on the path of olfactory masterpieces. Decently articulated by the accord of iris and vodka, this is darkened by the implement of dark chocolate turned out slightly bitter by the effect of the galanga among the top notes. The right dosage of (dark) chocolate prevents it by sliding in the gourmand dangerous territories. To be experienced, sometimes.
28th November 2010
My initial reaction to this scent didn't change over time. It just smelled like perfume. Nothing original or special. I couldn't especially pick out any one scent. I guess it dried down to being a "clean" fragrance that became increasingly sweet on my skin. On my sister it made a nasty turn to straight vodka. I can't help thinking "bar skank" when I smell this on most people. My mind then leads me to thinking that I also smell stale cigarette smoke. Simply association. Still, not a good one.
22nd October 2009
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