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Blu Mediterraneo : Chinotto di Liguria 
Acqua di Parma (2018)

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Reviews of Blu Mediterraneo : Chinotto di Liguria by Acqua di Parma

Overly sweet, fake citrus played against green herbs in a haze of soap. The mix of herbs and geranium calls to mind classic masculine scents, and once the citrus quickly fades, the soapy musk gives everything a bit of a barbershop vibe.

I love the smell of candied chinotti and this isn't it. So I think this may disappoint those looking for chinotto (or even a citrus scent at all given their quick fade), but it's passable as a wannabe barbershoppy classic. Honestly, I wouldn't bother with this as a perfume, but it would make a great soap. Meh.
Oct 11, 2020

Sweet, lemon-fruity-floral opening. Smells pleasant but more on the side of cheap, cleaning products. Then the jasmine kicks in and gives it a feminine leaning feel. Musk follows mixed with the jasmine and then it starts to go into mature-lady territory for me, leaving unisex behind.

Projection is decent during the first hour but then it fades to a skin scent which sticks around for 4-5 hours.
Jul 28, 2020

[b]Blu Mediterraneo Chinotto di Liguria by Acqua di Parma[/b]
[b]Category[/b]: 2 Eau de Cologne
[b]Rating[/b]: 5/5
[b]Longevity[/b]: 4/5 (moss lasts well, not citrus)

In the opening there’s a bright fruit I don’t recognize alongside a strong but fleeting cardamom note. After a few minutes, the rosemary takes over and becomes much more herbaceous.The base reminds me quite a bit of Eau de Sud, but lighter. Not as unique as the top notes promise, but the mossy base wins me over. An overall gorgeous composition.
Jan 22, 2020

The opening blast is a delight - the slightly bitter chinotto orange with the Mandarine makes for a refreshing start - nice!

The drydown starts when the initial notes have evaporated; it makes a turn into the floral realm. Jasmine, very traditional, sets it off, and later on a lovely geranium makes its mark, with touches of rosemary adding a herbal background.

In the base a slightly slickers side is present, mainly attributable to a cardamom impression, but augmented by a soft light patchouli as well as some white musks. Whiffs of woodsiness make a transient appearance too. Whilst all this sounds a bit predictable, the cardamom gives it a bit of an edge.

I get soft sillage after the initial moments, adequate projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

A typical summery citrus cologne, and with the typical colognes the refreshing beginning is short-lived. The chinotto gives it an unexpected twist. The later stages are not particularly original, but crafted quite well, and their longevity exceeds that usually expected form such a Cologne. Overall 3/5
Dec 28, 2019

This is a beautiful, intriguing scent. The citrus chinotto top note is glorious and then some herbs and spices appear to round it out.
It has a musky drydown and overall reminds me of the original Eau Sauvage.
Lasting power and sillage are both excellent on my skin. Highly recommended.
Dec 8, 2019

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