Bloodflower fragrance notes

    • licorice, anise, blood accord, clover, orris, dark rose, amber, patchouli

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Latest Reviews of Bloodflower

Bloodflower was my initial first favorite of the Parfums Quartana presentation when first smelling the entire collection and it remains a provocative, unique entry in the line, somewhat a cold-weather, sweet, slightly masculine-leaning option, like Hemlock, but very much with its own vibe.

Amidst a host of notes, licorice and anise color my experience of it most strongly--not wholly, but enough that I'm generally thinking licorice and anise first before any other notes.

Only after several hours does the pseudo-blood accord (that many seem despite, and others revere) become a significant aspect of the fragrance.

All throughout, spicy additives of clover, patchouli, and orris help add color and depth and nuance while not taking away much from the signature players.

It's a solid perfumer, like Hemlock, somewhat masculine and surely more apt for cold weather, and at $145 for 50ml, is at the lower end of the Quartana pricing (for which other perfumes are $165 or even $185).

8 out of 10
9th November 2018