Blood Oranges fragrance notes

  • Head

    • blood orange
  • Heart

    • leather
  • Base

    • musky notes, dark woods, amber

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Latest Reviews of Blood Oranges

This is scent really needs high heat to come alive. In colder weather it's too thin and uninteresting (like watered-down fanta) but becomes a super-refreshing spritz scent when it gets really hot (and stronger more complex fragrances become oppressive). Good to have in the collection for summer holidays but a bit boring for everyday use.
26th January 2019
Another winner from Shay and Blue. At first spritz it's fresh, bright, uplifting. Then it settles to warm oranges as the leather makes itself felt before the woody, amber basenotes extend its life. A great fragrance to wear every day
19th November 2018

I love Blood Oranges by Shay & Blue. This opens with the amazing smell of fresh oranges. It is very true to scent of breaking open a sweet, fresh orange just peeled. I've heard some say they don't care for the dry down, but this is a winner from start to finish for me. I don't get any leather, which is just fine with me. Perhaps a very small woody note, but this is a fresh citrus for me and I love it! Two thumbs up!
5th September 2018
Very fresh fragrance. I have it in my collection. I love to use it on sunny days...
27th November 2017
I'be had every intention of finding a fresh, zingy citrus scent this summer, but I somehow keep buying other things. In this case it's at least a citrus, so I'm counting it as half a win.

Anyway, Blood Oranges is not a particularly fresh citrus, but rather a warm, woody, radiant citrus. It opens with a burst of something that reminds me of fresh orange juice mixed with lime juice to give it kick, with a good dose of oily zest in there as well. I think the oiliness of this citrus accord gives it its longevity, which really is quite impressive. The natural smelling orange is set over a slightly synthetic wood, and the two notes compliment each other beautifully.

I personally don't get much of the leather others describe, but on the whole the woodiness does lean towards the masculine. The citrus and the subtle sweetness in the basenotes brings it back to unisex though.

It's one of the few citrus scents I know that seems perfect for fall/winter, which is why I think it deserves a place in my wardrobe.
18th August 2017
I have to disagree that this is unisex and in most cases I am blind to gender in regards to fragrance. The scent opened with a explosion of key lime and then settled into pure unadulterated leather. Every time I sniffed my wrist, I smelled ex-boyfriends. A mixture of Fahrenheit and English Leather.
That's not to say that this fragrance is not is..for a guy most definitely.
20th October 2015