Blood Cedar 
Heretic Parfums (2016)

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Reviews of Blood Cedar by Heretic Parfums

There are 4 reviews of Blood Cedar by Heretic Parfums.

I agree that this is the best cedar fragrance around, bar none. Fortunate enough to try a sample, and used it all in one wearing. The smell is gorgeous, and natural, but still enough going on to keep it interesting enough to wear on my skin. The spruce in the opening is so authentic, and the dry down is fantastic. Truly a winner! Might have to save for a bottle.
Jun 8, 2019

The opening is a very dry, freshly cut, natural cedar. That actually lasts for a few hours. Later the drydown is harder to detect actual cedar but it remains a sweet, woody scent.

Projection is light throughout, below average. Longevity is good, lasts 7-8 hours.
Sep 27, 2018

The best Cedar fragrance I've ever smelled. The opening is near perfection. This hits all the marks for me, from the Fir Absolute to the Spruce to the Olibanum, to the Blood Cedar. I absolutely adore this fragrance. Now to it's weakness. It lasts such a short time that it almost brings a single tear to my eye. I want it to last...I want a full bottle very badly, but I'm torn as it's not cheap, but it's so very beautiful. I'm sure my love for this will win the day and I'll have some eventually. Highest rating for the fragrance notes. Virtually the lowest rating for it's brevity. Still a huge thumbs up for me though, as It's Nirvana while it lasts...
Oct 29, 2017

The unmistakable aroma of eastern red cedar is the character of this scent beginning to end. The opening is red cedar while the heart is blended frankincense and fir that disappear into red cedar aroma cooled by vetiver in the base. Great healing powers are attributed to the red cedar tree and it is commonly used in medications today. This fragrance might be too one dimensional if it were not for the distinctive and cleansing aroma of the eastern red cedar tree. This tree is attributed healing powers and also was thought to hold the spirit ancestors of Cherokee native indian tribe members. Heretic Parfums have tailored this fragrance to enhance the red cedar aroma and have named it "blood" cedar which provokes attention but also probably hurts sales by turning attention away from the healing nature of the tree. The color of red cedar wood is at its heart a blood red, hence the name, although this name is not in common use for the wood or the tree itself. I rate Blood Cedar 7 of 10 losing some value to poor longevity.
Jul 3, 2017

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