Reviews of Blasted Heath by Penhaligon's

Double double, toil and trouble
Fire burn and cauldron bubble...

Unfortunately ... there’s no magic to this blasted heath,
no weird sisters...

just a skimpy herbal-aquatic of no real interest.
9th July 2022
This is a really fantastic marine aquatic that smells realistically like a windswept, cold, and rainy beach in Britain. The dominant notes are seawater, seaweed, and sage to my nose, although there are also noticeable menthol and eucalyptus notes (though not listed). Apparently there's whiskey and tobacco in the drydown but I don't really smell it. This is like niche version of Bvlgari Aqva pour Homme, and is so good I ended up selling Bvlgari Aqva. It has good projection for around 4-5 hours, and good longevity after that (it's quite strong for an aquatic). It is really photorealistic as far as ocean scents go, and really smells like how I'm describing it - of a cold, rainy, windswept beach.

19th April 2019

Not much about this is ‘blasted' - lightning didn't strike on this heath once, let alone twice. There's no smokiness, no burnt woods, no ionised air/high voltage electricity smell, no charred peat etc.. It's just a diluted mossy-sage green fragrance that's very wearable and inoffensive, but not particularly interesting or unique either. I definitely get similarities with Floris 1962 but with less mint.
13th February 2019
Blasted Heath lasts a long time which is nice. At the end of the day I still smell mossy. However the fragrance fell out of favour with me. It must be something in the tobacco or wood notes of the fragrance that's a bit sulphur & mercaptan. One day I took the train and there was something in the diesel smell of the train station that matched an element of the Penhaligon's cologne. Now the fragrance is like one of those mistakes in a movie that once you see it, you can't un-see it. Blasted Heath now reminds me of diesel and train stations. So Penhaligon's if you're listening, there's something not quite right with this one. The seashore notes of Blasted Heath are nice, but I think I prefer Kenzo pour Homme as a fresh water scent. Kenzo pour Homme has vetiver and bergamot which adds freshness, and none of the whiskey and tobacco which I think are a mistake in Blasted Heath.
6th September 2018
This is an aquatic sent. I have to consider that if the name was different, I may have liked it more. I was expecting Heath, but it is more seaside. It reminds me of a limited edition Floris fragrance from 2012 that was designed to capture England in a bottle, which worked very well. It is also similar to some of the Aqua di Parma offerings. I found something about it synthetic and that is non-starter for me.
11th March 2018
Blasted disappointing, is my verdict. While the official description is absolutely great, the reality is totally different. Where are the green leaves and the tobacco? Where is the whisky accord? I would love to smell the smoky notes of Alaskan cedarwood, it's one of my favourite materials. But you must be joking, surely, about these ingredients playing any significant role. All marketing hype, I suspect.

It's actually a pretty established and familiar type of fragrance encountered for example in the EdT "Faconnable". Quite inferior to its sibling Blasted Bloom, which does evoke the seaside quite well.
15th December 2016
"Heath" -- an area of open uncultivated land, especially in Britain, with characteristic vegetation of heather, gorse, and coarse grasses.
OK, sounds good and the sort of thing I would like.
My question to Penhaligon -- what has the ocean to do with the heath? Heaths are not usually seaside.
This is an aquatic scent, make no mistake. That sort of scent is not something I particularly like. Thus, I wind up damning this with (at best) faint praise.
Starts a bit sweet but that is typical of aquatics. Various green notes appear, reasonably well done. A noticeable mineral/metallic/salty-iodine note establishes itself as the centre. The seaweed has made its appearance. Briny green. Bit synthetic but not bad if you want an aquatic green-vegetal scent. Not up to the usual Penhaligons form -- or a brand-new venture -- take your pick.
6th July 2016
An insanely long lasting and powerful as well as insanely bad, mall-oriented woody-herbal aquatic that you can't tell apart from a plethora of other similarly themed super-mainstream fragrances.

So cheap and uninspired to make even an Avon fan horrifying.

It gets slightly better after a dozen hours but boy it's painful to get there.

25th April 2016
Thumbs up.

Clean and soothing. Absolutely wearable. Fresh, blue-greenish and crispy. I see it sitting very well in a blonde clean-cut guy.

The scent is not groundbreaking in itself and it might remind you to other perfumes, but it has an edge, something bitter, odd and moisty like mud or wet grass or swamp (but in a good way) that makes it a slightly special, not unique.

Otherwise, very casual perfume, easy to wear, young, office friendly, nice, cute, softy, save, gentle and summery.

25th March 2016
The opening - more a breeze than a blast - is mainly aquatic, with hints of fresh seaweed and green notes, mainly sage, added in. The green side lasts well into the drydown, and a somewhat ninspecific woodsy impression combines with it.

The base does not change very much in my skin, apart from the green side receding and a somewhat bland white musk appearing towards the end. I get soft sillage, quite weak projection and six hours of longevity on my skin.

A nice but at times a touch too watery and too generic on me. 2/5.
4th October 2015