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Blamage by Nasomatto

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This fragrance is an unwise and unfortunate creation caused by bad judgement and care.

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Reviews of Blamage by Nasomatto

There are 10 reviews of Blamage by Nasomatto.

One of the most clean leather I ever smell. Yes. I always feel dark oils, but they have touch of hint and sort of good way sweet flowers. This is touch of chemical leather material with some flowers and cleanest feelings dry. Thanks for this perfume AG. Yes, the original film «The Nose: Searching for Blamage. Seen» is great too. Thanks for letting us know how you creating this perfume Alessandro. The flacon is my collection of passion. Not sure, but sometimes in testers or in new packages - We had «BIG» wood cap with birch twig. I’m searching birch twig caps…YES!
This caps looks so cool.

I get dry woods, the usual synthetic oud note and white florals that give me a slight soapy note. The high pitched beginning with dried woods shifts to a sweet vanilla and white musk base; the scent gets sweeter, less scratchy, less woody, less soapy, but with the floral lingering there in the background. The late dry down is a soft and creamy vanilla that feels somehow gourmand-ish. It is nice, but not something special. What I really do like is the bottle, especially the cap.

To go short, Blamage smells like a blamage... His perfumes are getting tiresome- instead of trying some get some finesse in his perfumes, he just goes on with the 'on-steroids' kind of scentprofiles. Loud screaming synthetics, mixed in a slobby fashion- give people no time to smell what actually is going on. And then pack it in fancy bottles and packaging, (which is very cleverly done btw)and sell in at insane crazy over the top prizes. In my opinion Alessandro Gualtieri is doing a better job in marketing than in making perfumes. But in the end, his perfumes are 'famous' and sell like hell, so he is doing something very good.

I keep re-trying Blamage because I actually quite like the topnotes. It's essentially a pleasant artificial wood smell with vanilla in the background making it sweet. Unfortunately, it's built on a rather cheap-smelling "woody amber" aquatic base, which I really don't like. Meh.

ok, enough of the sad degredation of Nasomatto Blamage!
either this is an utterly amazing marketing strategy, or seriously, they havent a freaking clue what they made!
either way, its not at all bad whatsoever.

if you like Pardon, Black Afgano and Absinthe, then there is no reason this wouldnt be nice to you. i think everyone has reviewed this, with the expectation that its going to be some ground breaking new idea that knocks the rocks off anything ever smelled.

keeping it real, its typical nasomatto. oily attar style fragrance that has more linger than a drunk mans flatulence! they all have legs, and they all have that unadulterated longevity and strength. its so so similar in ways to other nasomattos, i get hints of black afgano, some of pardon, but then its all melded down a little smoother. yes, perhaps if you swayed this way, it could be considered verging on the femme line, but its in now way floral and firmly seated there.

due to the cost of such a small amount, its not everyones cup of tea, and id certainly advise a sample before spending out, however, i did that and now own a Full Size.

oh, the only complaint is, the cap in all the pictures is a reall raggedy knotty bit of wood, but my bottle came with a dissapointingly smooth piece! it is real wood though!!

A powdery, soapy and woody fragrance that would probably be popular with the younger crowd. The only thing is the younger crowd won't pay the price that is being asked for. Soapy wood would be two good words to sum this one up. I also get a light green note in there as well. Not a bad fragrance by any means. Just wish the bottle was bigger. 7.5

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