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Blackpepper by Comme des Garçons

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Blackpepper is a shared scent launched in 2016 by Comme des Garçons

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Reviews of Blackpepper by Comme des Garçons

There are 16 reviews of Blackpepper by Comme des Garçons.

I'm definitely someone who covers their food in a lot of black pepper. The opening scent of this fragrance is what I imagine black pepper smells like in heaven. All the delicious spicy deliciousness without the harshness. It smells like purely black pepper for probably about 30 minutes before it merges into a woody peppery scent. My two complaints are silage after the opening and length. It really is only noticeable for about 2 hours if that. I hope they someday release a stronger reformulation of this cause it would be an instant buy.

As a spicy fragrance lover -- especially black pepper, I figured I'd give this a try. What a lovely fragrance! Yes, the black pepper is out there from the first second and continues to hold on. Dry-down is equally as lovely. A quality fragrance for sure.

Now let me digress a little. Owning Montale's Intense Pepper, Lorenzo Villoresi's Piper Nigrum, and now this, I will give you my HONEST assessment. Of the three, I absolutely LOVE BEYOND WORDS Intense Pepper. Out of the three, it is the ONLY one that can actually make me sneeze because of the pepper content. It also is the only fragrance of the three that has garnered comments from people in passing. I suppose each of us look for something different in a fragrance, but in a fragrance with 'pepper' in the name, that's exactly what I want to smell. Montale nailed it! CDG is a comfy second. Piper Nigrum is a cozy third. All of these fragrances are top-shelf IMHO and each plays the pepper card in a different way. I feel honored to own all three.

Upon first spray this has, singlehandedly, the best black pepper note I have ever picked up in a fragrance however it is short lived and is followed up, like Wonderwood, with a few hours of Iso E Super.

Not terrible but not great either.

Are you looking for PEPPER; front, center, and throughout? Then stop; you found it here. That's what I wanted when I was testing others (Bang, L'Occitan, F Black), and finally landed on the mack daddy: CdG Blackpepper. Wore it yesterday and received two compliments. I only wish longevity and sillage were better, but overlooking those are easy when your fragrance smells like this; just carry around a decant to re-energize.

It indeed opens up with a strong hit of pepper grinder black pepper. I timed it, this blends in with the rest of the scent in 35 minutes. Before that it is a bit of an unbalanced overload, though interesting and not unpleasant. Doesnt scream, sits down relatively early. Fairly clean, woody, and peppery. Polite and well mannered. It definitely has pepper, but seems to be of a somewhat nice generic woody base it sits on. More up than down, and it was close, but im gonna fall in the neutral category.

Right from spray-on, I feel like my nose is right on the top of a pepper shaker - without the sneezing fits!

Pepper is dominant, with akigala and cedar woods sitting right underneath the bright spice of the black pepper. Tonka is really slight, and musk is nicely balanced and sits atop the pepper, adding an after shower soapy clean feel.

Leave it to Comme des Garcons to create yet another fragrance that feels familiar, right, and just makes sense! I agree with others that CdG's Wonderwood appears to inhabit this scent, having a very similar dry wood feel that is instantly recognizable.

Light, pleasant, sensible woody-spice quality that I find to be very wearable and not just some culinary abstraction. Pepper is the theme throughout, even after it starts to fade and let the wood duo take over and mimic it.

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