Black XS for Her 
Paco Rabanne (2007)

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Black XS for Her by Paco Rabanne

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Paco Rabanne
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Mark Buxton
Jérôme Falliant Dumas
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Black XS for Her is a women's perfume launched in 2007 by Paco Rabanne

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Reviews of Black XS for Her by Paco Rabanne

There are 19 reviews of Black XS for Her by Paco Rabanne.

The cranberries in the opening blast cone out nicely and mix well with the tamarind blossom - together with the pink peppercorn they all make for a creative as well an original start.

The drydown sees the arrival if the Hellebore rose with an aroma of milk coffee with hints of dried meat; this merges with the top notes very nicely.

The patchouli with the massoia wood brings along a darker shadow, the massoia wood is paired with a rather generic vanilla in the background.

I get moderat sillage, good projection, and a good good nine hours in my skin.

A nice spring scent, which starts out nicely in
spite of its synthetic nature. There is some originality in it initially, buy the base is rather bland on me. 3/5.

Black XS for Elle - Paco Rabanne
Sour berry on pear-pineapple fruityness wrapped in a layer of crocant-praline gourmand-stickyness that evolves into a thick cloud of candyfloss-vanilla transparant woodsyness with hints of anisic-mint, salty-beach and a bitter-soapyness. Chemical smelling. Semi-nasty. Forgetable.

A nice fruity gourmand. Very similar to Olympea from the same house. I like the masculine counterpart better, for being more different.

Tart fruit, briefly. Creamy flowers. Liquid gourmand. Fruitchouli. Dark Mori. Overall a lighter shade of dark-heartedness.

Used to wear this when I was a high school student, and it still brings back so many good memories ! I don't wear it anymore as I think it's kind of a scent for teenagers, but still love it !!!

I was impressed with male version and I think it more balanced than this one. however in my opinion female fragrances by PACO RABANNE are pretty far male fragrances.this is a warm Floral in a modern way.

In other words sweet,creamy,spicy, woody,subtle,optimistic,romantic and feminine.sweetness and warmness from begining to end.the passionate heart evokes an exploding femininity and definitely i like middle notes.the base is earthy.

It is the kind of fragrance that remindes you of something you have already. good for intimate occasions but you can wear it to the special as good.suitable for autumn/winter weather.the scent is totally nIce but not unique.

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