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Washington Tremlett

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Black Tie by Washington Tremlett

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Black Tie is a men's fragrance by Washington Tremlett

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Reviews of Black Tie by Washington Tremlett

There are 13 reviews of Black Tie by Washington Tremlett.

When I first joined Basenotes, I was looking for a masculine rose and it came down to this and Domenico Caraceni. I picked DC which was bolder and louder.

When it occurred to me to give it another try it was discontinued.
But I found a Basenoter with a new bottle for sale at a not crazy price.

It's a bit softer than I remember and frankly a tad too elegant for my retired status. But I'm enjoying it a lot.

It's a nice subtle blend of saffron and rose and wears very discreetly.
A bit of a British toff sort of scent. It kind of lives in the same place as Richard James Savile Row.

Like it a lot. Just wish it pushed out a bit more.

Luckyscent website describes this to be 'a wonderfully modern creation if not avant-garde' and finishes singing praise for it by calling it 'stunning'!

I tried it several times and it develops to a boring scent on my skin which is everything but pleasant, avant-garde(!) and stunning! I can detect traces of rose and saffron; I like these notes but of course not in the way they are used here.

It is subtle with little projection and has moderate longevity. Definitely unisex if not feminine.

It gets 1 out of 10 IMHO.

If you find Czech and Speak No.88 or Dark Rose to be too much assertive you should probably give a chance to Black Tie. Rose, galbanum and geranium laying on a solid woody base. Vanilla, tuberose and hints of spices add to this aromatic fragrance, nice refinements. Well crafted and elegant but not incredibly compelling. Slightly decadent.

reading all the reviews here makes me wonder if i really got the sample of black tie... on my skin it becomes a pleasant and very feminine fragrance, in fact too pleasant and too nice, nothing distinct, sharp or really spicy. well, maybe fruity-spicy. it reminded me of my teenage years and bazar femme by lacroix, but that's it.

This is a very classy scent. It has gentlemanly restraint and poise.
The spice notes are light, attractive, interesting... and not the usual clove/barbershop sort of thing. The geranium rose note is simply lovely and quintessentially British. This scent is not as languid as Hammam Bouquet or as assertive as No. 88, but it is is the same camp. It never gets sweet or heavy. The wood and light oud in the dry-down are noteworthy and enjoyable. Complete endorsement.

Washington Tremlett Black Tie takes its rightful place between the languid, powdery Victorian rose of Hammam Bouquet and the dark and medieval Templar incense of Czech & Speake no. 88. I find Black Tie much more relevant and wearable than the other two. The opening is a debonair citrus with a little spice and rose. The base dries down to a beautiful rose water accord with a natural musk possibly ambrette seed. This one is a winner.

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