Black Rosette 
Strange Invisible Perfumes (2005)

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Once the top notes faded the dry down was astonishing to me. It's lasted over 6 hours so far today on my skin.It's just a bit too pricey for me at $1,230/oz ($307.30/ 0.25 oz with CA tax no shipping.) It's only sold as a pure parfum but still out of my ballpark.I would buy anything that's similar if it were more reasonably priced but I haven't found anything even close.Cheers!
Oct 3, 2010

Black Rosette starts off sharp and bitter but soon develops into exactly what one would expect from reading the notes listed. Long ago I had a scented leather rose that smelled just like this minus the mint. Like nothing else in my collection.

Edit: Has it really been over five years? Black Rosette has been in my top ten bucket list of to-own frags since I first tried it, but I always balked at the price (more than my vintage Derby!). My memories of this fragrance were so strongly positive I would sometimes return to the long-since emptied sample vial hoping to catch the smallest molecule of this immensely polarizing masterpiece. I finally found a dealer selling sizable decants of the EDP which arrived today and from the first spray I was transported back to that lovely place in my memory. I am so heartened to find that my love of Black Rosette was not blown out of proportion by time and romantic fancy. This is, beyond doubt, one of the most pleasurable Things I have ever smelled, with a spearmint plucked right out from my childhood garden and a dark, velveteen rose with more facets than a wedding diamond. With the sample rising coolly from my clavicle to greet me and a 50 ml bottle in the mail, I am in a very happy place indeed.
Aug 4, 2010

Black Rosette smells like Bandit's little sister to me. It has a wierd medicinal camphor smell at first but then mellows out quickly and the scent of a soft old leather suitcase gently comes through. I don't think I ever caught a rose note - maybe because it is so expertly blended. Would be interesting on a man, I think.
Apr 3, 2008

A soothing scent that to me is all tea, smoke and leather, with a wisp of rose popping up now and then. I would definitely consider this a unisex scent. I am in the process of saving up up to buy a bottle, as I find there is a real difference in using perfume made with natural ingredients. From the notes, you would think Bulagari Black is a close match, but that scent is all rubber tires on me. Black Rosette is the way you might smell after spending all night in a tea house somewhere in Central Asis.
Jan 28, 2007

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