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On my skin at first application I smell a true medium bodied red rose. I realise now that I'm smelling a lotta rose geranium coming out of this blend. Maybe even geranium bourbon...

It's so wierd. At first I thought the rose geranium was lemongrass because it's a little sharp, citrusy and tangy. It seems to take over the blend and kind of turn it sour. At the end it turns soapy and slightly incensey.
19th September 2009
A dusky rose fragrance, well-named because there is a definite dark mystique to the rose note. This is a heavy rose / floral augmented by spice, a little green, amber, and a very little bit of musk. It's an ok rose scent (disclaimer: I'm not a huge fan of rose) in the sense of seeming natural and presenting a balanced feeling. The rose is the dominant element from the start to the finish, and the finish is where it gets a little powdery, but not too... not for me, but I think it's a well-done scent.
12th November 2008