Black Raspberry and Vanilla fragrance notes

  • Head

    • blackberry, sparkling bergamot, blackcurrant, orange, anjou pear
  • Heart

    • orris, osmanthus flower, sambac jasmine
  • Base

    • creamy sandalwood, vanilla orchid, taffeta musk

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Latest Reviews of Black Raspberry and Vanilla

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Review of the Body Spray. It’s very nice Berry scent without being too sweet. It reminds me more of a fruit tea smell rather than a blackberry candy smell. Its not one I would wear all the time, but it’s one of the body sprays I’m going to keep. I think you could easily wear this fragrance all year round.
27th January 2022
I have this in the body splash version (I tried to get in in the EDT version but alas, they discontinued it, in my area at least, because it wasn't a top seller.) I like the body splash so much that I have TWO FULL BOTTLES of it sitting in my closet, on 'stand by'. I have worn this for years and it's kind of my "signature scent".

I love this scent. I'm not particularly good at profiling scents, but the raspberry in it isn't what I would call particularly sweet. It's more bright and fruity, almost crisp and juicy. At first spray it has a strong alcoholic tinge (to be expected I suppose) and immediately turns to raspberry and some sort of citrus. After a while it's more "raspberry" and less "citrus".

It's a good every day scent but seems kind of "young" to me. This is really very casual and not something I'd wear on a night out or to an important event at this point, but I will definitely continue to wear it on a regular basis- I just love it. On me it comes off almost 100% fruit- there's something else in there, but it still says "fruit" through and through.

Again though, I have the body spray version, the EDT might be different (I wasn't lucky enough to get my hands on it though so I don't know.) I wouldn't say that the body spray lasts particularly long. I have gotten compliments when I wear it though.
28th October 2012

The scent lives up to its name and is to die for. However, like all BBW fragrances - whether they be body splashes, EDT or EDP - are incredibly weak. I literally sprayed 1/2 of my 2.5 oz. EDT bottle on myself at one time and neither my husband nor I could smell it on me unless we plastered our noses to my arm. I'm rating it neutral only because the scent is so darn good ... like sweet raspberry jam. Otherwise, I'd give it a thumbs down for its weakness.
8th August 2010
Incredibly sweet and rather sugary... It lacks a woodsy scent to anchor it, when I wear it. The scent itself is pleasant enough on the shelf, but I can't see it translating into something worth investing in as a regular fixture in a fragrance wardrobe. I've had teenage boys compliment it, saying I smelled very good, but personally I found it to be too juvenile to be worn anytime other than on a girl's night in.
24th September 2009
A creamy black raspberry. Has a woodsy warm sweet scent as well. Over the weekend I had the opportunity to sample Trish ~Sexy No. 9. I would say these two scents are very similar, though Trish will cost you a bit more.
15th July 2009
I can tell you right away: this scent doesn't change all that much from top to bottom, the most heavy notes here are, basically the blackcurrant, the blackberry and the sugared vanilla. That's most of it. The rest is just too faint and too overpowered by the notes I just mentioned. The juice is not really fresh and is very reminiscent of the end of summer-very early fall. I liked it a lot because of its simplicity and because I love blackberries in general and this one is straight up blackberry. Almost like a diluted jam, it doesn't have the prepotence some niches have, it doesn't have the ambivalence some others have. The other notes that are on the background are the sandalwood and the orris but they certainly don't play a key role here, they play more of a balancing act between the whole composition and I like it that way. It's simple, it's sweet and it's just a bit dark –and not too “pretty”- , the right amount not to be called a pink fruity floral, and that takes it just a little bit ahead of that category.
9th April 2007