Black Pepper 
Molton Brown (2006)

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Black Pepper by Molton Brown

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Black Pepper is a shared scent launched in 2006 by Molton Brown

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Reviews of Black Pepper by Molton Brown

There are 7 reviews of Black Pepper by Molton Brown.

The original version of this scent was fantastic, deep warm round black peppercorn which lingered for hours and complimented the other products like shower gel and lotion. I used to wear it all the time and would often get compliments. Since the reformulation about 4 years ago its just total rubbish, I bought a bottle and sprayed it a couple of times then binned it. Strange really has the other products have remained the same with a great potent fragrance. Personally my advice is don't waste your money.

I agree with the descriptions on this cologne; warm and spicy, but I don't seem to notice the low silage reported here. For whatever reason, I have to be careful how much of this I use, since it can be strong up front, with decent longevity for me. This fragrance is inoffensive and, to my neophyte nose, textured, warm and rich. One of the favorites in my stable. I will say, that the Molton Cassia Body Spray has very low longevity, but the Black Pepper seems to run for a number of hours on my skin.

As a couple of reviews have already noted, the equivalent shower gel is a great heady and intense bouquet of black pepper. Logic dictates that that same pepper blast would follow through to the EDT. Unfortunately, despite a wonderful peppery opening, it's a massive disappointment because it doesn't have the same intensity as the shower gel, it lacks the spicy background and has next to no longevity at all. To my nose, MB's black pepper seems to be a single or double note opener (there is a floral hit with the pepper) drying quickly down to an almost oceanic not too different from MB's other male frag Cool Cologne. Beyond that, there's nothing. This wouldn't necessarily be a problem if this was a £10 EDC that you could pick up from a drugstore. Except it isn't (the price is excessive for a 50ml bottle) and you can't (you can usually only get it from MB shops and merchants, although deals can be found online). Disappointingly mediocre.

An excellent product - chosen on undecided days, when i want to play it safe. Has a feeling and warmth and expensive taste. Definitely a winter fragrance when the world needs warming up. body wash essential so but together. Sillage is good and longevity respectable ( 3-5 hours)

There was once a thread on the boards here asking people if they liked the products that accompanied the fragrances, in this case Black Pepper EdT is actually the accompanying product to the body wash.I bought this on the strength of the scent in the body wash which Molton Brown claimed they had managed to put in an EdT. In my opinion Molton Brown didn't even try. If this genuinely smelt like the body wash then this EdT would be a contender up there with some of the great power scents of the 80's and if it had some longevity it could quite easily have been my holy grail of scents.As it turns out it is a poor version of what was supposedly copied which turns cloying on my skin, even once the scent has gone. Get the body wash instead and on a day off have a bath or shower with it and enjoy it's scent for as long as it lasts.

Smells fabulous, spicy, warming, stimulating, but just when you're beginning to appreciate it, there's nothing there any more.

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