Black Orchid Eau de Parfum 
Tom Ford (2006)

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Black Orchid Eau de Parfum by Tom Ford

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Black Orchid Eau de Parfum is a women's perfume launched in 2006 by Tom Ford

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Reviews of Black Orchid Eau de Parfum by Tom Ford

There are 176 reviews of Black Orchid Eau de Parfum by Tom Ford.

Sexy, dark florals, their roots still caked with damp soil, and a sultry sweetness that lingers throughout. This is how I want my woman to smell.

I love this scent. It's rich and multi-layered. It starts out with a sweet, almost licorice aroma. This fades to a dark floral, and finally to a vanilla-sandalwood with just a hint of floral sweetness.

The dark floral notes in the middle smelled familiar. I went to my scent collection to investigate, and started with - what else? - another Black Orchid perfume, a vintage Jovan. It's almost exactly the same. But the Jovan is just one note - the Tom Ford version is much more complex and exciting.

My only dislike is that the silage on me is fairly short.

Tried this for the first time today. Was told this was unisex and it is. Reminds me a lot of By for men by D and G. Has that same aroma to it (different aroma but the same idea). The scent is powerful. One of the most longest lasting and powerful scents. One spray and you will be good for days.
The scent: immediately after spraying it, I felt like I have had this before. Got home and it came to me - took out my old YSL OPIUM EAU DE PARFUM FOR MEN and sure enough, this is an exact replica (with added jasmine but barely noticeable). Love the scent anyway despite it being Opium. Now before people get up in arms - the Opium Edt is completely different from the Opium EDP FOR MEN. The EDP was amazing and if you want a current version, this is it.

I wanted to love this. To my nose it smells like pancake syrup or maple syrup which smells good. My chemistry neutralizes it; within minutes it is gone without a trace! My husband doesn't even smell it on me! I find so fascinating the interaction of perfume and body chemistry! Zero longevity zero spillage.

Oh my word! This has to be the ultimate "lorelei" scent.

Have you ever seen pigs rooting enthusiastically for truffles? I feel like one of those when I apply this dark,narcotic scent. The bottle is black and attractive and so is the perfume inside.

I first sprayed Black Orchid a few years ago in a House of Fraser store in Birminham, whilst my husband was looking at shoes, then spent the next five minutes with my nose glued to my wrist.I only had to walk a few yards and complete strangers told me I smelled amazing. I was grateful for their feedback since my own dear husband is anosmic (oh the irony!)

Suffice it to say I was smitten and felt surrounded by a secret cloak of desirability. This is potent stuff - be in no doubt of that fact, Apply with caution,like a touchpaper,then stand back and wait for the fireworks to begin!

This is really attractive. Dark seductive fruity floral patchouli mix. I like the blend, it just melds all together. Performance is giant. Last all day. Projects prerty hard. Leans feminine. Could probably be worn by the right man. Smells like good quality. Doesnt drastically change.

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