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A wallop of big, fat licorice in the opening. This might choke some people out, especially the ones that haven’t experienced any Slumberhouse fragrance before in their life. This dries down after 15 mins, maybe less. I detect clear resemblance to Norne, mainly cloves and a tiny hint of black hemlock/fir playing in the background. This is one of the main parts of Black Grev to me. The other significant part of Black Grev is tea, but here I’m not sure what kind of tea is it, actually. Might be good quality strong black tea, or possibly smoky Lapsang Souchong. The tea however, is rather subtle and delicate, I had no problems with detecting it within the scent. Digging deeper into the drydown reveals the more known „climates” of Josh Lobb’s signature - I detect the good ol’ slumberade - the very same I detected in Sova, or Baque. I can tell Sova and Black Grev are distant relatives. Very dark, resinous, mysterious and „evil” in a way - that’s what Black Grev feels like while wearing.

Longevity and sillage are very good.

I like Black Grev, I think that after Mond and Winter Kiste releases Josh kinda’ wanted to go back to the themes that made him and the brand famous, and that people loved. It’s not my type of a scent, but wearing it was sort of a pleasant experience. I wish he released more stuff in that genre.
10th April 2023
Beautiful. Indeed, a work of art. Licorice, sandalwood, cream, bitter, and some quiet oakmoss. However, this does not last. When giving the perfume what I call a “fair wear” — sitting at my desk for evening study, the perfume projected approximately 15 minutes and the rest was a pleasant skin scent. No projection even 10cm from my arm. For an extrait, it is not oily, which is strange.

When wearing throughout the day, I do not catch whiffs every so often, like is usual with Slumberhouse or other fine perfumes. Because of that, I am neutral, as it is not wearable.
31st January 2023