Black Gold 
Mancera (2017)

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Reviews of Black Gold by Mancera

There are 6 reviews of Black Gold by Mancera.

Floral masculine

I'm not picking up any oud, so I don't know about that. What I am getting is a classic masculine lavender, with some powdery violet, nutmeg, and a background stripe of quiet vanilla and bubblegummy cinnamon. I like this style, it makes its presence felt without becoming ostentatious. Longevity was more average for me, as opposed to many saying it was plus. Thumbs up on the fragrance juice. As a fragrance from a decant this one is a winner... but

Side note: The packaging here is horrible. This is not a dark fragrance, or a gold pallet fragrance. I know that the gold cap more just denotes the line, but the name itself is Black Gold. That would usually mean oil, or oud, and this is focused on neither. Or it could just denote the feeling of black, dark, emotions or something, again, no. That is the type of thing I find unexcusable in a fragrance that Id own, so this is off of my list for consideration based solely on that. Do better, Mancera.
Aug 2, 2020

With Black Gold, Mancera seems to be offering something for the centrally-heated environs of colder climes, with its reviving freshness (lavender, citruses, clean musks, breezy floral notes) perfect for the doziness of temperature controlled set-ups, but underpinned by mildly dosed warmer spices providing a nod to the chill outside. Eventually a cool and bitter leather shows its hand tempering the barbershop sweetness somewhat.
It’s a big blend of many elements and in that reminiscent of perfumes of the past – for some reason I kept thinking of Rive Gauche PH even though the two are probably nothing like each other if smelled side by side. It doesn’t work from the off – the citruses in the opening are a bit detergent grade and there’s a metallic edge which doesn’t sit comfortably with the rest. But about half an hour in everything’s purring and this turns into Eau de Suave Gent.
Jan 19, 2020

Very unique lavender, violet, and leather opening. Never smelled anything like it. Kind of like a lavender scented version of Dior Fahrenheit. Very masculine and gentlemanly. Drydown is similar. Good but ultimately a pass due to my dislike of violet as a note. Top marks for originality though.

Jun 1, 2019

Smooth, flowery-oud which gives it a dirty earthiness but there's plenty of spice and sweetness to even things out, making this a very enjoyable, modern and balanced fragrance. I also get a minty coolness that I wasn't expecting. Not the usual rose-oud combo, much more subdued and "western-acceptable".

Feels more appropriate for fall/winter and dressier occasions but it's not that heavy and could be quite versatile.

Projection is good and longevity is very good, lasting 8+ hours.
Dec 16, 2018

Smoothest Mancera I have come across to date, if you are used to Mancera... This is a total new blend, and remains a nice cozy scent.
I appreciate this and recommend for people who enjoy a light leather or suede like smell. Very pleasant indeed.
Strong opening
Lasts above average I get 8+hours, still able to smell after this, but skin scent.
Nice new direction for Mancera. Although I do prefare some of the others from Mancera.
Jan 18, 2018

What a nice fragrance! Mancera Black Gold opens with a cherry kind of a aroma, although there is no cherry listed in the note breakdown.

In the opening, I get Lavendar, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, some Woods. Black Gold is dark, yet bold; sweet and musky at the same time; mysterious but, inviting;

I love the toned down rose. Here, the Rose isn't as brash as in some of the other Mancera offerings. I get a nice blend of sweetness-Citrus, Marine notes, some florals [Egyptian jasmine, White musk, Violet]also Amber, Oud, Vetiver, and Patchouli, however they aren't over-bearing nor loud but very balanced here.

Mancera Black Gold:

Longevity-9/10; this stuff is potent as many of there offerings an this is no different
Performance: 8.5/10
I am glad to have this in my collection! A great fragrance with great longevity that blossoms once sprayed!
Jun 9, 2017

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