Black Gemstone 
Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777 (2013)

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Reviews of Black Gemstone by Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777

There are 8 reviews of Black Gemstone by Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777.

An other-worldly scent experience, expertly crafted and full of character.

Black Gemstone hits you with all sorts of dark resins, woodiness, and incidental sense of spices not actually used but truly perceived compositely from what is there.

Smoky, balsamic and aromatic in a powerful, moving way, Black Gemstone will thrill the senses and provoke closed-eyes reflection. How many scents can really do that nowadays? This is a fragrance to be experienced, not just smelled. And so few other scents will resemble its sublime, earthy, wild quality.

A love it or hate it scent, depending on what you want out of your fragrances. It requires patience to unfold itself, and its not your average spritz-and-forget-it creation. Keep that in mind as you approach and examine Black Gemstone from Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777.
Dec 17, 2018

Dirty/dark/bitter lemon and woody opening that doesn't hang around very asphalt sprinkled with wood chips and a variety of dark aromatic resins and a few random drops of gasoline...hooded monks in black robes, chanting and performing mysterious rituals...spray it on and have yourself a religious experience...bottom line- dark and smoky resin/wood delight...
Mar 6, 2018

Bitter lemon and smoked cedar opening - the other reviewers are right that it does have a damp peat mossy / stinky decomposing wood chips side to it. I get strong resins at once, not just in the drydown. The bitterness smooths out after a few minutes and gives way to curls of smoky, sweet resins. Has a note that smells like smoked tea / imortelle / tobacco - similar to the smoky sweet bones of l'artisan's tea for two. Definitely a perfume for a rainy day.
Sep 19, 2017

True to its name, Stephane Humbert Lucas Black Gemstone is coal black or charcoal grey with a flinty mineral sparkle that sets a tone from the very start. This feels dangerous! A slight black tea smoke with a resinous tar darkness evolves during the mid notes. The resinous myrrh, teak wood which is a very dark wood resin and olibanum roil in the dark smokiness. The dry powdery tonka base adds a bit of sparkle to the darkness hinting at gunpowder. The tonka adds an odd sweetness to the charcoal and gives it a licorice like sticky darkness without being gourmand at all. This unexpected use of powder sweet tones in the base is a typical SHL 777 stroke that happens to civilize his otherwise dark and brooding orientals such as Taklamakken, Qom Chilom and Soleil de Jeddah. I like Black Gemstone quite a bit for its subtlety with darkness and powder for a mysterious and centering fragrance.
Sep 7, 2017

Very nice scent here. I really like the peety opening! Damp, dark and smoky. For those who like adventure in their scents, this one is without question of very high quality ingredients. Not for the office, but excellent during wet, cold and rainy nights! Well done! Thumbs up!
Nov 14, 2015

OMG, this is top of the charts in niche fragrance class.
There are without a doubt notes missing in the scent pyramid for sure. This fragrance on my skin is a thick piece of gooey melting sweet rock of amber boiling on the hellishly hot tarry asphalt. Dark, Mystical and Stunning in every way. It's a battle between sweet and smoke as it evolves on the skin and morphs so much during the first hours of the fragrance. The initial lemon is sharp tart. After quite some time (hours) it does settle to an excellent chic sensual oriental enveloping you in the most precious resins and honeyed glazed woods. Amazing the journey this fragrance takes you on as it was a different mystical ride every time applied. Addictive.
Sillage - Scent Trails
Longevity - All Day Insane, even after shower traces could be smelt.
Jan 26, 2015

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