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    • floral notes, citrus notes, sandalwood, musk

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I like it. It reminds me a lot of Marc Jacobs eau de parfum (at a fraction of the price).
26th January 2021
I'd describe this as an aquatic, white, and woody floral scent. Slightly powdery. For me, the more I apply, the nicer it smells. Mellows into a creamy wood essence.
7th December 2017

A hesperidically enhanced dyad of jasmine soon develops into a floral potpourri of muguet, iris, magnolia and tuberose; at times hints of oleander briefly appear. This floral basket is quite well done.

The disappointing part is the base, with a rather generic wood/musk combination forming the end phase. I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and five hour of longevity on my skin.

A nice spring scent with a dull and disappointing finish that lets it down compared to the early stages. 2.75/5
25th November 2015
I'm not as experienced or talented in the ways of describing notes as some other members are, but I have my ways of describing fragrances. I have some fragrances that simply make me think "winter" or of heavy sweaters and cold days. This is one of them. It's not the most spectacular scent but I can always count on it to treat me well.
9th January 2012
Oh, the polished onyx cylinder with the stark white label and chrome sprayer. So sleek, so hard, so mysterious. And inside it's full of something that smells like a new box of fabric softener sheets. Is this the perfume you spray on 'Motorcycle Barbie'?

Clearly, the only thing "black" about it is the bottle... or maybe your mood, if you were buying blind, and thinking you were going to get something dark and brooding.

Too bad you can't refill it.
29th June 2011
Eh..... Just a plain old floral. It makes me think of a Crabtree and Evelyn soap, or maybe something by Yardley. Not that there's anything wrong with that! -- It just definitely wasn't what I was looking for. Was supposed to have notes of citrus, sandalwood, and musk, but I get none of that whatsoever... no sensuality. Just a one- or two-note floral.

Even as a floral scent, I have to agree with other reviewers that this is very safe and predictable. Pretty, but boring.
3rd February 2011
Tried this on the back of my left hand in Ulta about 2 hours ago I can still smell it.It is a soft floral on me hyacinth/jasmine/sandalwood? Well --so far not much sandalwood .I like this one for an everyday casual/office scent as it doesn't seem to be a strong projector just a soft aura;not quite soft enough for choir practice though as there are some there who suffer allergies/ migranes.
18th April 2010
The jasmine note in the beginning is very sexy. Lasts long and retains the sexiness thorough all the phases, until it disappears completely.If you're looking for a nice and sexy floral, this one is up your alley.
18th April 2010
This is a safe floral, nothing more. I was disappointed, because I love the packaging and was expecting something edgier and more exciting. Oh well.
19th April 2008
This is my darkest scent, and one that I don't wear a lot. It tends to smell verey heavy on me, a little goes a loooong way. But it does make me feel sexy and confident. Unfortunately, the smells are associated with an ex, so like I said, I don't wear it much.
29th December 2007
This was my go-to perfume for most of college. Still sweet enough to be youthful, but dark enough to not be child-like. Unfortunately I can't stand to wear it anymore, and the longevity on my skin was awful :(
3rd November 2007
I tried this on when my boyfriend wanted to try Kenneth Cole's Signature. At first, it was the bottle that grabbed my attention and secondly, it was the name. Very urban, I admit. However, when I sprayed it on, it took me awhile to take a liking to it mainly due to its strong jasmine scent. However, it's incredibly long lasting and as the smell dries down, it became a soft, musky, very sexy scent that I really like. I am definitely getting it.
13th May 2007