Black Dianthus 
Il Profumo (2013)

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Reviews of Black Dianthus by Il Profumo

There are 2 reviews of Black Dianthus by Il Profumo.

A lot more going on with this than the pyramid skeleton
Applied to the skin is as a Soapy, Scented Smothering Talc. Dry, surely, and yet at same, a narcotic film of unctuous fruit adds sugared body plumpness, similar to memories of Frederiksdal.
Cloy is defeated by a Herbal, Dandelion Milk, Chlorophyll Green, Bitterness together with a vague Camphour.
It's trailing accord, is of Exotic Orchid.
A scent, only, for those, who have experienced the hallucinations of Atropine.
Jun 2, 2019

An utterly enigmatic (almost sinister) saturnine fragrance for the untiring modern seducer, a refined relentless Casanova of the third millennium. The fragrance of damnation and loneliness. A lofty perfume for an indipendent man of culture from the italian house Il Profvmo. Scenes at Venetian Carnival come ideally on mind, elusive masks, grotesque figures of the night at Palace, lasciviousness, struggling souls in disguise, erotic whispers, palatine lobbies, Grand obsessed Dames and all the Venice's aristocratic Grandeur. This fragrance is a dry mystic association of herbal notes, Bach flowers, licorice, forest-berries, decadent black Dianthus and lascivious Belladonna (noir, bitter/herbal and narcotic) on a base of mystic vetiver and soapy synth patterns. There is something classic in the general structure (vaguely herbal/aromatic, restrained and purely virile). A quite elusive fragrance teleporting us in a sort of ninetheenth century cultured and baroquely decadent atmosphere. Licorice/rhubarb-roots, wild grass, dry vetiver and black dianthus provide a darkly soapy/herbal aura (rich of floral, botanic, leafy and woody nuances). The aroma is quite sharp (vaguely 80's on the dry structure but at same time cleaner and more essential), really grassy/floral (but with a soapy background), vaguely berrish (red/purple), penetrating, pounding, a nocturnal, cultured, somewhat melancholic (warm and impenetrable) creation for a lost demented seducer nearby the Court-Palace.
May 4, 2019

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