Black Collection: Velvet 
Commodity (2018)

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Mysterious and elegant, this fragrance evokes the pure indulgence of a soft texture meeting bare skin. Its woody oriental blend is infused with roasted almond, rose petals and black amber.

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Reviews of Black Collection: Velvet by Commodity

A very interesting twist to a sweet and woodsy scent. I like it. Similar to Pinrose Gilded Fox but doesn't seem to last as long on me.
Nov 26, 2018

Smooth, vanilla-spiced opening. It is unisex but not overly-feminine in any way. The cloves and almond tend to push this towards a cold weather scent for me, just feels warm and cuddly. Definitely, the best I've smelled from Commodity, take that for what it's worth.

Soft but decent projection that lasts 4-6 hours and then gets closer to skin but still better than a skin scent, still able to easily smell 8 hours later.
Aug 18, 2018

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