Black Afgano 
Nasomatto (2009)

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Reviews of Black Afgano by Nasomatto

There are 77 reviews of Black Afgano by Nasomatto.

Black Afgano is meant to smell like hash.
It's been described as 'a quest to arouse the effects of temporary bliss', a piece of nonsence clearly written by somebody who's never pulled on a roach.
Black Afgano does smell hash-like but it's a perfumey rendition of the thick, dark green, bitter-resiny smell of black. It may smell like hash, fair enough, but it absolutely doesn't smell like the feel of getting stoned; it's patently absurd to equate the smell of a drug with it's effects.
And if it's 'temporary bliss' your'e after, I imagine Cuir de Russie or Silences or even La Nuit would ravish a perfumista more than this lumpen affair.
Black Afgano resembles Eau Fortis (2013), as many have said, but somehow I've never associated cannabis with the Liquides Imaginaires version. The power of suggestion perhaps?
If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then Black Afgano must have something going for it I suppose... But the biggest problem isn't the machismo feel, or, that Black Afgano smells like a muscle-head posing as a Pot Head, it's the fact that it's rather pointless. Copying a smell from nature and calling it a fine perfume is artistically redundant.
What's more, with the power of big pharma getting behind the (medical) cannabis trade, it's possible that, in a few years from now, if you want to smell like black hash you can just make a tincture of the real thing and spray it on, safe in the knowledge that the Drug Squad isn't going to come and bust in your door. In such a case this sort of Bad Boy will become redundant too, because it's only the thrill of contraband that gives this scent it's specious appeal.
I thought people stopped doing nature identical scents 100 years ago, evidently not.


eBay decant
Oct 12, 2020

Although there have been several searingly sad and needless casualties of Nasomatto's recent reformulations - read that as drastic dilutions (in Pardon's case almost to homeopathic proportions) there are two survivors.
The fabulous Absinth seems untouched and Afgano has been diluted into socially acceptable levels.
It is no longer unbelievably potent but is solid so that you can maintain a certain anonymity with one gentle well placed spray giving you a well behaved little halo of fragrance. One can finally and incredibly use the term 'subtle' with this fragrance unless you go for 2-3 sprays.
You can still smell the ahem 'herbal' component but its nicely blended in. At no point did I get the munchies! Green woody resin incense all combine to a sum greater than its parts.
Black Afgano is seemingly so important to the Nasomatto range that a lot of the spin off brand Orto Parisi from the accounts of other reviewers seems to use variants of Black Afgano as bases for its own fragrances.
It is also fairly linear and lasts for several hours.
I personally am not entirely sure about the herbal component and perhaps it just conjures up pictures of students pulling out little wraps of erm resinous herb and quite frankly at these prices this is not the best association.
That said it is what it is which is pleasant, comforting, relatively unique and certainly worth a sniff on your fragrance journey although I doubt this will be your final destination.

Fragrance: 7/10
Longevity: 8/10
Jan 2, 2020

From reading other reviews it sounds like people think this was reformulated at some point and after trying it I believe so too. I don't smell any hashish period and I would have liked to. Also not getting great longevity. Nor does it have much projection or sillage. There was no jaw dropping or any raised eyebrows around from those near me today. There was a short period where there was a delicious tabacco sweetness on the skin towards the end, but really nothing to write home about. It would be good if it were intense but it's a lightweight. And I got it from a reputable store. Sad actually to realise it was all hype.
Dec 28, 2019

Lots have been said about this one. And rightfully so.

Heady, verging on marijuana smoke; exhilarating! It's bodily; testosteronic. Furry, paiting a stout canine, such as the Kavkazskaya ovcharka; alluring, cuddly and sweet, yet mightily forceful. There's coffee in here too, for sure, perhaps part of the oh so housebroken oud! A smooth sandalwood lurking in the depths. I think plum has been found by others, I can see that too, lending the sort of sweet berry/fruit tone. Something brings ink to mind, thick inky syrup...

The scene: in the large aged apartment stone stairwell... as you're walking slowly upwards,the young monsieur lights his splendid pipe, charged with a delicacy from overseas, spreading it's fume through walls and doors. The café next to the bottom-floor entrance serving deserts including plum molasses paired with the incredible smell of brewing coffee. The stairwell has aged well, but has collected an, as if ancient, pungency and funkiness, bringing cellars to mind -- as you recollect yourself amidst a stumble, half way up! Intoxicating.
Aug 20, 2019

Cannabis oud. Review over. Just kidding! There is a lot to ponder about Nasomatto Black Afgano (2009) but admittedly less to really enjoy. Alessandro Gualtieri works hard on this line, so it's no begrudging, but just how much am I supposed to like smelling as hashish sprayed with Yves Saint Laurent M7 (2002)? There are a lot of things that do a really nice semi-medicinal and semi-barnyard synthetic oud compound, especially in the years since the launch of Black Afgano, although I do appreciate the curiosity and hipster appeal of wearing an "infamous" niche perfume. There is obviously more than just a marijuana accord mixed with oud, but the total vibe of Black Afgano is to literally smell like a lifelong pothead, right on down to the incense burned to cover the smell (which just mixes with it instead), and that isn't a very appealing aroma to me. Tommy Chong and Tom Ford do not a good combination make, no matter what they tell you.

Black Afgano opens with that notorious hashish note, which is really a compound tobacco with resins that imitate the aroma of hash when combined with lingering incense. In this case, the incense is of the olibanum/frankincense variety with some birch tar smoke and scorched vetiver tones, finally giving way to the synthetic medicinal oud in the base soured with some civetone to make it feel kinda skanky like the real thing I get hints of jammy rose and some cherry in here, but it's amid the backdrop of the oud dry down which is really reminiscent of One Man Show Oud Edition by Jacques Bogart (2014), which is literally one tenth the cost with similar performance minus the pothead opening. I'm not sure who this is really made for, but wear time is forever because this is an extrait, while sillage is surprisingly close to skin for something so dense and linear. Use this only in winter if you even pretend to have some manners. Gender-wise this feels beyond a doubt masculine, but that doesn't mean you can't pass this joint to a lady.

I can see manbun wearers with their oiled beards and kilts-over-leggings wearing this in Capitol Hill near the gay bars, working their lumberjack/bear stereotype magic on all the quivering twinks who go dreamy-eyed over unwashed chest hair, but for literally anyone else, this is going to sprout some questions. I like my man funk closer to the Yves Saint Laurent Kouros (1981) variety personally, because nobody I ever met who wore it was a pothead nor afraid of a shower, but I do dig the final finish of Nasomatto Black Afgano enough to avoid a thumbs down. $185USD isn't terrible for 30ml of highly-potent extrait, and you won't get away with a Patou, Guerlain, or even a Chanel extrait for anywhere near that, let alone something in the eyeball-gouging realm of niche pricing, so this is really a steal under those conditions. Still, once I hit this tier of perfume I expect something a little more respectable than M7 sprayed on a stoner's ashtray, so I'm sticking with a neutral and recommend hitting Lucky Scent or a niche shop for a sample before going in based on the hype.
May 17, 2019

I tested this today and just had to leave a review. When I first applied this it reminded me of something I’d smelled before. Make that two things: Chergui by Serge Lutens and Sahara Noir by Tom Ford. In the TF I got too strong of an Oud note that was sour. In Chergui I get a sweet honeyed tobacco but after a while it becomes too much... Black Afgano is a better combination of the two.

I get a rich Oud + Tobacco smoke with a honey sweetness. The Oud grounds it and gives it a woody affect. The tobacco is sweet and smoky. If never becomes too sour but it also keeps the sweetness from becoming too overbearing. I get no cannabis or hash or whatever note that is that makes people go crazy on their drug experience anecdotal rambling but I must admit my knowledge of said paraphernalia is limited at best. I can recognize the smell of “weed smoke” but I don’t find it pleasant at all and this scent I do. The way it pulls on me, I don’t think anyone would think I was smoking the green stuff but they would probably think I’d been smoking something akin to a sweet cigar.

The projection on this brings to mind a word I see so often in the fragrance community that makes me physically cringe, but if ever a fragrance deserved the title it’s this and that is: Beast Mode. A swipe of this to the skin caused knock out sillage, and I gotta say I’ve had this on a little more than 8 hours, maybe going on 9, and it hasn’t budged. It’s dried down to a sweet lingering smoke, almost like what you’d smell at a bonfire but still undeniably present. I’d say this could have at least another 8 hours left in it. And that’s with a dabber mind you. I’m actually worried what an entire spray might do.

I kept trying to convince myself that since I have and really like Chergui (which I kept because I had nothing like it) I could wait to use that up before purchasing this... but it could be years before that bottle is finished and this is soooo much better to me, it’s a masterpiece of its kind and why should I settle? Oh who am I kidding. I need this, and I won’t be satisfied until I get more of it.
Apr 19, 2019

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