Black Absinthe fragrance notes

    • absinthe, artemisia, fennel flower, licorice, vetiver

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Latest Reviews of Black Absinthe

Black Absinthe smells great, just not for long. It is among the closest absinthe recreations or homages I can name, but its presence becomes a bit muted about ten minutes after application. Beyond that it devolves into a light and sort of dusty-sweet affair, suggesting tonka was used, though it is not listed. Overall this is one of the best things I've seen come from C&E (especially for fellow licorice lovers) but the performance leaves me wanting. If/when they roll out a parfum version I will be right on board.
17th January 2016
I thought there might be a chance that this was good, given its green notes. It isn't dreadful, but I don't care for it. While it definitely has liquorice-like notes, they are rather synthetic and brash. The scent is fairly sweet, and the tonka gives a vanilla dry-down. Further, the longevity is very poor.
Should be drier, greener, more herbal.
21st February 2015