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Tom Ford (2020)

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Reviews of Bitter Peach by Tom Ford

There are 6 reviews of Bitter Peach by Tom Ford.

My wife owns and loves her bottle of Bitter Peach. For me, I like when she wears it but it's not my favorite. It's definitely fem-leaning to me, but mostly, this is an experience scent. You need to smell this if you like interesting scents. It's a very floral, powdery, peach soda. Nothing bitter about it, really. Does get musky in the late drydown but, still pleasant.

Bitter Peach puts out a big scent cloud that lasts for 2-3 hours. Settles down after that and lasts about 6 hours on skin.
Sep 21, 2021

Imagine the first day of Christmas,and you are sitting on your bed with a cup of peach tea and some shortbread's morning,but it's still dark outside,and out your window you see hills and forests in the distance,glowing blue and grey in the mist.this is a mildly spicy, peachy scent with subtle powdery. very feminine (no unisex thing here).

Starts off bittersweet with intoxicating juicy peach, mellowed out by the warmth of heliotrope, but the dry down is get powdery and creamy vanilla with patchouli and a touch of evokes the happy and carefree days. perfect for wearing around the campfire on Christmas Eve or walking in the snow during the winter.totally for a peach scent it's too expensive. performance is smack dab in the middle of moderate.
Jun 30, 2021

The opening with its fruity mix of vine peaches, peaches, bitter blood oranges (Sicilian as per the company's blurb)is an interesting start. The bitterness is definitely present, and counterbalanced by the fruity feel, with an underlying cardamom adding an slightly spicy aspect that overall results in quite an original set of top notes.

The heart notes are dominated by a jasmine sambac, with the fruity note of davana and the slightly sweet-spicy addition of a heliotrope adding a bit more depth. At this stage the ingredients become less intense and less vivid compared to the top notes.

The base is heralded by a soft styrax impression, unusually soft on me as a matter of fact, which is mixed with an equally soft benzoid. A very discreet tonka adds sweetness, an by now all the bitterness has truly evaporated. host of rather pallid additional notes - a bland cashmeran , a smooth patchouli as well as a faint labdanum - make up the olfactory entertainment until the end.

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and nine hours of longevity on my skin.

The first half of this spring scent is a nicely done fruity flora that displays some originality. The second half drops off in quality, being quite generic, egregiously synthetic, and more predictable. Overall just in the positive realm. 3/5
Jun 17, 2021

Tom Ford Bitter Peach (2020) is another hilariously cynical and awful party trick of a fragrance slapped into a uniquely-colored but over-priced Private Blend bottle following in the footsteps of things like Lost Cherry (2018) or Lavender Extrême (2019). I don't know who perfumed this one, but they succeeded in making the world's most expensive homage to a Glade Plug-In air freshener, because that is what this one ultimately smells like when it dries down. Some people claim this has very little performance, but maybe I'm sensitive to what's in it because for me this one is sheer terror that never abates in the sillage department. I had to vehemently scrub then dispose of my paper sample outside when finished test-driving the stuff, so beware that perceptions of performance can vary wildly from person to person here. There is a litany of notes listed for Bitter Peach, but this is no classic Guerlain, and like most Tom Ford scents, is a front-loaded linear weaponized fragrance experience, that only fades into something else after the first few hours. Once this initial switch happens, there the fragrance shall stay until removed from skin, so Bitter Peach wears like watching a film divided into two parts by an intermission. Unfortunately, this is a very droll "sprawling epic" of a film that entertains film students more than casual viewers, being all sweeping stedi-cam shots or Dutch angles.

The opening is as the label describes minus any perceived bitterness as the name claims, giving you a very juicy but artificial dessert-like peach. This isn't the normal lactonic peach note of classic chypres such as Guerlain Mitsouko (1919), but more like Air-Wick spray or cheap candy peach, and here is where you shall dwell until about the hour mark. After you reach the end of the first hour, musky commercial scent spices and more of a mulled sweetness take over. Davana, rum, and jasmine sambac are listed but for the life of me all I get is the smell of some autumnal variety of home fragrance you can buy from the grocery store, until eventually the peach is gone and all you smell is this. The other 12+ hours on skin will give you this Glade vibe mixed with cashmeran, fractioned patchouli isolates, and tonka. Projection gets a bit closer after this too, but sillage is very cloying and extroverted, at least to the wearer (me). I don't know where all the claimed goodness in the listed base notes are, but what's here gives you no rest from the institutional bathroom or overly-scented Prius of a late-night Uber driver trying to hide the smell of his previous intoxicated passengers. Best use is far away from me, preferably across the street, thanks. If your name is James and you're looking for a giant peach, this one ain't it chief.

There are a few peach-foward niche fragrances out there for perusal if you're really looking for something like this with more than just a gimmick and tacky potency to validate its existence. Parfums MDCI Péché Cardinal (2008) is a good place to start if not Royal by Moresque (2019), which both seem to take themselves seriously enough to be whole perfumes instead of "gotcha" gags that end up smelling like overly-concentrated room sprays. The usual "bought and sold" perfume reviewers plus YouTube and Instagram hype that brought me to trying this fragrance for myself once again have me shaking my head, leading me to believe that these shameless self-promoters will say just about anything to get more followers for ad revenue or free bottles they can flip on the side. Imagine being tricked into spending hundred of dollars to smell like something you buy from a Dollar Tree to keep the bathroom of your nail salon not smelling like taco night at a college dorm. The only thing truly bitter about Tom Ford Bitter Peach is the disappointment of the person sniffing this for the first time and expecting it to smell like the name states it should, or the cynical marketing "genius" in charge of all these inane Party-City-in-a-bottle cash grabs. Thumbs down.
Jun 1, 2021

"You think YOU fade fast, Lost Cherry? Hold my beer."

This review is for a sample of Bitter Peach given to me yesterday. It was obtained directly from a major department store that rhymes with jordstrom.

When I first spray it on, there's definitely a big, perfect peach note. It smells like the cooked or stewed peaches from a cobbler. Underneath the peach, the blood orange is just detectable. It's not sugary or jammy or flowery; there's a bit of sparkle or fizz that reminds me of drinking peach-flavored Perrier.

That was the first five minutes.

After that, most of Bitter Peach vanished. The dry down was faint and tedious. Rum? Maybe a whiff, but Bitter Peach is a very miserly, tightfisted bartender.

Then I detected maybe something waxy, like a nice lipstick... At first I thought of Lipstick Rose, but no. I couldn't put my finger on it. After an hour it hit me.

Carmex! The dry down smells like Carmex.

On the whole, Bitter Peach is nothing. It has no projection and no sillage. The bottle is pretty, but even typing that out feels like I'm damning with faint praise. I can't even say that this is safe for work, because most people work for money.

I couldn't possibly recommend this.
Mar 7, 2021

It's a nice fruity floral vanillic, which does what the name suggests - it smells of peaches, in a vanilla ice cream, though, not so bitter though. I'd call it a "fun" perfume and it manages to smell neither chemical, or nasty, how perfume with a similar ingredients and concept, can often do.
So, decide for yourself if it's worth the price.
Mar 1, 2021

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