Towering canopies, new growth and tender greenery. Dormant forests waking up with the receding frost.

Parfum extrait+ compounded at 33%.

Bindebole fragrance notes

    • poplar bud, pine needle, ambrette, crushed leaves, cedar

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Great profile, but the performance is very poor on my skin.
Thumbs Up for the profile.
Thumbs Down for the price/performance ratio.
Neutral FTW.
25th March 2022
Pineward Perfumes Bindebole has an official note breakdown of poplar bud, pine needles, ambrette, crushed leaves, and cedar. It provides a heavy and authentic pine accord with some vaguely resinous background, a dark blend that is nonetheless somewhat green in the way that pine is, but not in a sharp, tingly, even minty way as sometimes can be.

I’m quite impressed by this. Even though the fragrance does not lean much in the direction of a resinous, dirtier fragrance, it nonetheless is realistic, dark, and dense, and really does a great job conjuring the outdoors while being a smooth and wearable perfume.

Bindebole has the same pricing as the rest of the house, at $135/80 for 37/17ml, and performs quite well, in high concentration (30% or so for all of their fragrances). The juice on the website’s photo of the bottle looks to be a darker green, in fact, which is nice

8 out of 10
14th October 2021