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Bijan (1981)

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Bijan for Men by Bijan

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Bijan for Men is a men's fragrance launched in 1981 by Bijan

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Reviews of Bijan for Men by Bijan

There are 67 reviews of Bijan for Men by Bijan.

This new-to-me fragrance is a strong like. It's in my favorite 80s moss-leather neighborhood, leaning spicy leather. I have a vintage mini-bottle and am considering a fullsize of the current version based on others citing similarity and its low price.

Bijan Pakzad immigrated from Iran, eventually opening his own boutique in Beverly Hills. The men's and women's fragrance that bear his name originally came in unique, circular bottles that won a FiFi award for best packaging and examples are on display at the Smithsonian. Current formulations now come in a different 'b' shaped bottle.

Bijan for Men has some supposed fans of some stature, namely at some points George Lucas, Bill Clinton, and Jack Nicholson. Luckily this came out in 1981, so after Stanley Kubrick's movie masterpiece, The Shining (sorry Steven King, truth is truth). The thought of Nicholson as Jack Torrance wafting this warm classic amongst the halls of the Overlook Hotel while terrorizing his family and hacking up the late great Scatman Crothers...

Per it's era, Bijan for Men has a loud opening where the bergamot, lavender, and rosemary jump out. Thereafter it settles in where the patchouli, nutmeg, vetiver and sandalwood blend well with the base of musk, amber and vanilla to create this 'golden glow' that leans towards 'classic' rather than 'dated'. To be clear most people would smell this and guess "1980s". I don't think this is a warm weather scent, but it does speak well for itself as a quality formal scent, although likely better for a more mature person. It isn't a monster but it definitely is representative of it's era in regards to strength and longevity so be mindful. It is not 'youthful' smelling at all.

As far as office wear goes, I think the strength of Bijan deserves a warning about over applying, and a recommendation to 'read the room' before choosing this. This is a pleasant and surprisingly inexpensive classic. For those who enjoy discovering and experiencing the classics Bijan is a worthy add. Thumbs up.

What a pleasent surprise, it's a bit like a golden version of Creed's bois de Portugal, 80's power house in nature but never gets too harsh or heavy handed, notes list reads like an A-Z but what I'm left with is a sort of dusty citrus lavender combo with a golden feel enveloping everything, great projection and it really lasts all day.

I got a bottle for next to nothing as part of an effort to re-acquire the scents I used as a teenager (Pierre Cardin Pur Homme, Drakkar Noir, Polo Green, Kouros & Aramis) to see what they had become post-IFRA. For the price, this one is amazing. A complex, spicy opening followed by a gradual progression to a faintly musky leather in the final stages. It is certainly not in keeping with current trends and that is why I like it so much. Quite wearable. I do not think there is a better value proposition in men's scents today with the possible exception of Fred Hayman's original 273, which is also good and readily available from discounters for less than $10 as I type this review.

Bavard has a very interesting and helpful thread on the vintages and how to distinguish them. I live in the UK and extremely difficult to locate vintage bottles. Apart from the ingredients list, the reference number on the bottom of the box, I'm not referring to the batch code, But the reference number if it's in the 100's will be as vintage as you Will ever need . Also look out for the bottles that say cologne on the back,
The vintage juice is absolutely amazing. High quality,Smelling very resinous and spicy. Warmer and more leathery that quorum, less herbal, but just as natural smelling. the original Gianfranco Ferre ,Springs to mind. The transition on the skin is sublime too ., Just make sure you avoid the modern five-star formula, it's only a fraction/shadow of the earlier versions

I got a good deal on a vintage bottle (short ingredients list), and the opening is a stunner - I love it! My initial reaction is a dream escape to the height of early 80s luxury and masculine charm. I'm swept away by the beauty, and find myself laughing. It's a little hot spicy, like the spicy note in Patou Pour Homme, but it has even more in common with Versace L'Homme, which I like, the same kind of powdery, patchouli-driven accord.

Bijan Men settles fairly quickly to a polite, restrained fragrance on my skin. I get more strength from Versace L'Homme, which somehow manages to rev up as it goes along (with help from vanilla). With Bijan Men, it settles almost too quickly when I want some of the colorfulness of the opening to go on for longer. However, this probably makes Bijan Men the better version to wear to the office.

Where Versace L'Homme uses vanilla, and blooms as it develops, Bijan Men has a note that's almost like a chocolate-y leather, with a dash of spice, but it's a subtle thing I have to sniff up close to smell. Overall, I think it works fantastically well and that it will easily make its way in my rotation.

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