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    • dark chocolate, musk

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Big Pony 2 for Men by Ralph Lauren is a slightly sweet, almost Oriental, warm, musky and spicy fragrance. The opening is warm musk with a hint of chocolate, the fragrance dries down quickly and the chocolate note fades somewhat and leaves more of a spicy, sweet musk accord. Big Pony 2 gives moderate projection for the first hour and then it becomes a very intimate skin scent. It remains a close skin scent for the next 3 hours or so before it is pretty much undetectable. Big Pony 2 for Men is a reasonable scent, nothing spectacular, but a pleasant versatile scent with a timid performance. Scent-wise Big Pony 2 and Big Pony 1 are probably the better fragrances out of this collection as far as my olfactory preferences are concerned. I'd give Big Pony 2 a 3/5, it's what I would regard an ordinary, satisfactory fragrance at a price that reflects the designer name rather than the quality of the fragrance.
17th January 2022
Hmm...Mexican chocolate plus musk plus spicy notes = ...

An interesting semi-oriental scent, with moderate sillage and not so great longevity. Layering would probably yield a louder, longer lasting performance from this gourmandish outing from Mr. Lauren.

Big Pony 2 is light and slightly aromatic. Youngsters may enjoy this more than adults.
19th August 2018

Terrible, terrible, with a drydown of terrible. Save yourself any amount of money and get CK One Shock if you want a whimsical take on chocolate. It's cheaper, better, and you won't encourage such creations. Or get the Chocolate Axe, which is still infinitely better than this awful concoction.

Rating: 1/10
2nd May 2018
This comes on fairly strong and loud at first, like chocolate covered cherries. It's horribly synthetic and harsh. It then dries down to a respectable floral influenced, sweet chocolaty smell. The synthetic feel tends to subside a bit. That's what saves this from a negative rating. It's way too weak and light and operates like a skin scent. I guess that's why it comes in such a large size. I guess the idea here was to create something that doesn't smell too strong, which might turn off the younger crowd. Sales associates tend to sell colognes to me as being "light and fresh" as if I want that. Stuff like this probably helps to mitigate overspraying, similar to the Axe Proximity line. At any rate, this is not for me. I'd just as soon wear Rochas or Animale Animale. The deodorant spray might be the way to go on this. It can't be any worse, only better (and cheaper).
21st November 2013
I was prepared to hate this, but after a few wears, I have to give this a thumbs up. Yes this is an unusual melange of chocolate and musk and fruit and florals together, but they do blend in a dark and seductive way. The drydown is lovely and brooding with the cocoa, amber, and an edge of cinnamon under it.
1st November 2013
I will take Big Pony #2 (Red) in the race... I just hope it is a short race..!! Guys - I am a huge fan on Ralph Lauren fragrances - have been since I tried the original (green) back in the mid-80s. Polo Black and Blue are two of my mainstays with Polo Blue Sport only a step-or-two back... Additionally, I have 3 of the 4 Big Pony editions and the story is the same - great scent, but it doesn't last. For what it is worth, Polo Blue Sport fits this description too. What gives? Are the new fragrances so watered (or alcohol) down that you are lucky to get 4 hours from a fragrance..?? Enough of my soapbox... Out of the bottle, #2 is a pleasant scent of chocolate, musk, and spicy notes. To me, the fragrance is borderline feminine, but the musky/spicy notes provide the masulinity to wear comfortably. It is sweet, but not too sweet. I like the fragrance - nice work Mr. Lauren. All the Big Pony editions offer a little variation to something already out there, yet unique enough that you need to have it. No exception here - #2 is a pleasant scent. The downside to these fragrances is that they lack projection, sillage, and longevity. Here it is around 1:00 PM (yes, I have a quiet moment during lunch) and the fragrance is barely traceable following application around 7:30 AM. I would like better performance. That said, the fragrance does have potential "Wow Factor". I am certain that when women get that chocolate note(s), they will offer the compliments. #2 offers great flexibility - while a "lighter" fragrance and probably identified as a Summer fragrance, I would not have an issue wearing any time of year and/or for any event. The bottle and the packaging are first class - again, Mr. Lauren - nice work..!! The bottles are great for display... The price/value is improving every minute... I think the going rate for a small bottle is now under $30 - not too shabby... My final tally is 4.1 stars out of 5 stars. If the projection, sillage, and longevity were greater - #2 would be closer to perfection. I do love Ralph Lauren fragrances. If you are a fan - I recommend buying. It is a great scent. Enthusiasm moves the world...Pros: Great blend of chocolate, musk, and spice notes...Cons: Below par in projection, sillage, and longevity...
20th May 2013
Musk and chocolate? Pull the other one. This is a generic cheapo-smelling spice-fresh offering in the Axe mould. Guaranteed to suffocate bystanders. Pushed by sales people as the ideal gift for teenage boys – sure, if they want to render the objects of their lust unconscious.
14th July 2012
A musky chocolate scent with very little personality but adequately executed. Not as bad as some would imply, the musk and chocolate do interplay rather well here, but unfortunately there is very little movement nor any character. It sprays on a skin scent and dries down as linear as it came and is gone around the three hour mark.
This works very well as a unisex blend and I imagine it may actually adapt better to certain skin types than the other three in the Big Pony collection. The chocolate is rather light and thus the musk lifts its higher range qualities forward, implying almost some form of white chocolate.
The thing to keep in mind with Big Pony #2 is that it acts as nothing more than a skin scent and if you are looking for projection or a bit more substance you will not find it here.
A rather synthetic chocolate musk affair, certainly not groundbreaking or worth seeking out, but as enjoyable as a cheap bar of chocolate at the candy store.
11th February 2012
I'm into many gourmand fragrances, but this one is just simply gross. I welcome the cake and pastry, but this is just gross. Really? Dark chocolate? I never enjoyed that smell, not to mention on myself.

Worst of the four
5th February 2012
Created by Antoine Lie and Ellen Molner - Big Pony 2 has an incredible opening revealing a concept of fruity & chocolate - bitter and sweet - a delicious gourmand. The drydown is magnific... the longevity could be better. For sure all the “Big Collection” could be made only by this one (all the others are too poor and ordinary).
Ok, it´s not a gourmand masterpiece like New Haarlem from Bond nº 9… but anyway is a good fragrance.
27th April 2011
Very bad. It's like you took some well made modern oriental with fruity/chocolat-y flow, say original Angel (for women, that is), then send it to some talentless dube makers in China, and tell them to make a masculine out of it.

Totally uncivilized , cheap aerosol deodorant-like fragrance.
18th March 2011
I don't get the dark chocolate, and I certainly don't get anything specific out of Big Pony 2. It reads to me like a spicy, cinnamon-type musk. There's a heated amber lurking around in there. $65 for this? Really?
9th February 2011