Beyond Love, prohibited 
By Kilian (2007)

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Beyond Love, prohibited by By Kilian

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There are 35 reviews of Beyond Love, prohibited by By Kilian.

Coconut & jasmine suntan lotion beginning. Add some big ol' tuberose. The tuberose is quite lovely but, then I am biased as I love the stuff. [that wasn't always so.] I get a little green in here, too. A bright something or other. The tubey mellows out in a way I can't describe. This has a smooth ambery-musk base. Overall this is very good "use" of tuberose and I was rather surprised.

at first the smell appealed to me but with just one spray to the wrist is projected like like no other

thick tuberose took over all of my olfactive senses and as quickly as it appealed to me it just started becoming to heady and cloying

i cant imagine anyone spraying more then once with this scent but if they did lol im sure they may possibly clear a room :)

over all the quality is wonderful since it is a kilian scent and the smell is pleasant but when you cant even work with one spray its takes all the positives away

give this a go you may still like it

on to the next

A pleasant tuberose with a jasmine undertone opens it up, followed by an green-floral accord after the first couple of hours. This is all quite nice, but the subsequent development is disappointing on my skin. A very synthetic musc is not very convincing, so the best part remains the tuberose-based first impression. And it is a pleasant tuberose, not a truly exciting or brilliant one.

The perfomance is unexpectedly disappointing on my skin, with moderate sillage, adequate projection but only about three hours of longevity - with liberal application that is.

Overall of interest for tuberose lovers mainly. Nothing great IMHO. 2.75/5.

This one is another level in perfumes. Beyond Love is just a wonderful scent that is truly irresistible. It doesen't aim to capture a tourist snapshot of any earthy paradise, but to evoke a utopian vision of transcendental grace out of this world. "A little bit of heaven, on earth". I simply adore it and no doubt this masterpiece is one of the best tuberose scents. You will love it because it is not the most popular, you won't smell like every other female around and will get questioned as to what you are wearing? Gorgeous, feminine, classy, luxurious, heady, dangerous, alluring, intoxicating, powerful, carnal and palpably sexy.

The opening is rich, monster initial blast of tuberose with a touch of green notes so masterfully harmonized with jasmine, amber, musk and coconut for a seductive scent that obvious says "I am rich and confident" smell and makes it like falling in a lustful love. It also has the fragrance of what a strong lady should smell. I believe that Beyond Love should be worn by women who have style, grace and excellent taste. A confident lady who don't be afraid of deep, strong nd heavy scents like Fracas. It lasts an amazingly long time as well, because one or two sprays is enough for the day! Anything more is far too heavy.simply wonderful.

Genre: Floral

Beyond Love is Killian Hennessy's entry in the tuberose sweepstakes, opulent and ostentatious as only tuberose can be. In style it is dense, sweet, unapologetically heady, and hence closer to Fracas and Giorgio than to the more recent Tubéreuse Criminelle or Carnal Flower. The central tuberose accord emphasizes the blossom's creamy, indulgent, and indolent character, rather than its potential for nocturnal mystery. The accord is just indolic enough to decadent, but not raunchy, sensuous but not debauched.

Beyond Love serves up plenty of tropical fruit with its tuberose, which in concert with the creamy floral texture yields overtones of coconut-banana custard. While indole, aldehydes, and a discreet musk base note ultimately keep it clear of the dessert tray, Beyond Love may just be the sweetest tuberose fragrance I've encountered. Its sugar quotient is certainly higher than Fracas, Tubéreuse Criminelle, Carnal Flower, or Amarige. It's also both linear and staggeringly potent – not a fragrance you'd want to wear if you're trying to keep a low profile.

If you enjoy a generous helping of fruit and syrup with your florals, Beyond Love could be the tuberose for you. I happen to prefer both the ethereal green radiance of Carnal Flower and the camphoraceous bizarrerie of Tubéreuse Criminelle. Stylistic preferences aside, Beyond Love is a very well-crafted and appropriately luxurious tuberose perfume. The final sticking point for me is that at a mere fraction of the cost, a bottle of Fracas will do roughly the same job. Not that the two are identical, but I do wonder whether any difference in their quality justifies the disparity in price. I suggest you give Fracas a wearing and judge for yourself before shelling out for Beyond Love.

Tuberose-a-go-go with bells on.
The opening takes a short while to settle – there are puffs of green to give space to the white floral richness and something of the quality of overripe fruit. But once Beyond Love has got into its stride it is more or less pure, vivid tuberose, which depending on your tolerance for this blossom will determine what you think of it. For me it is pretty Unlovable, but that's a personal prejudice – I have to recognize the craft and deftness of the perfumer in keeping the fresher aspects of the tuberose odour profile alongside the languorous, heavier ones. Few tuberose soliflores manage that; here's a living, breathing composition.

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