Gallivant (2018)

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A citrus, spicy, woody play of notes. Contrasting light and dark.

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There are 4 reviews of Berlin by Gallivant.

I'm not sure how this scent pertains to Berlin, but there is a light/dark theme going on. This is largely a scent of the light, citric-but-not-Cologne type, an ongoing freshie with a decent woody base. The whole composition is stiffened by a good tea note, redolent of Bulgari, pepper and vetiver. Good longevity and a friendly companion to a summer's day.
Jul 2, 2021

My novice nose read this as “spicy lemon,” which is congruent with the listed notes (hooray, points for the beginner!). As time goes on I’m detecting a hint of something greener, like newly-snapped twigs, which I assume is the vetiver. It does have a simplicity and a crispness, as Rosymel noted. To me it’s very much a tomboy scent, cool and neat with a tiny bit of hardworking perspiration, like a well-pressed linen shirt with the sleeves rolled up. It might not be innovative to some, but I’m finding it very refreshing and appealing to my feminist self. For the days one seeks straightforwardness and verve.
Apr 19, 2020

This is my least favourite from the Gallivant “Nomad Set.” Extremely sharp citrus assault on opening that went on and on; later, vetiver.

It gave me a headache, but to be fair perhaps I already had one brewing. I think for people who don’t get a headache from it, it could be a cool, crisp, but rather generic masculine-leaning cologne. Inoffensive but also unoriginal. For some reason it really reminds me of a Glade Plug-In room scent.
Jan 5, 2020

Sweet & sour notes on top. The clementine is a nice change of pace. Pepper pops. Tea in the heart, is not strong - it's gentle. More spicy tart pepper. Vetiver rises up from the base notes. It's vibrant. The usual woody, somewhat bitter cedar note - again. Light and fluffy patchouli. Frankly I find nothing extraordinary here except that clementine. It's a non-offensive, workplace option. oh, I forgot; lemon seems to come and go here, too. I like lemon.

3 satisfactory stars.
Dec 16, 2018

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