Bergamote / Divine Bergamote fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, ginger
  • Heart

    • orange blossom, green notes
  • Base

    • rhubarb, musk

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Latest Reviews of Bergamote / Divine Bergamote

Hmmmm... Yes, there's bergamot, and somehow it combines with the ginger to simulate candied lime. It's also kind of sour, hinting at a chypre smell as well, and there's something else in there (verbena? green tea?) that gives a hint of tea smell.

As stated in other reviews, it behaves like an old fashioned citrus cologne and just sort of fades away quickly. In all, this feels passable, but not special or anything I'd pick, given the many citrus cologne options. Meh.
24th December 2020
Many have given
Youth serum to bergamot
But Jean-Claude's stuff worked.
7th December 2017

Well its bergamot alright, the question is whether it's a nicer smell than good quality bergamot oil itself. I'm not presently convinced of that but I'm reserving judgement.
24th March 2017
As with all citrus eau de colognes, the purpose is fleeting and so by volatile composition is the juice.

This is a perfectly decent eau with fizzy top notes of lime, lemon and bergamot - Tania Sanchez correctly recalls Lubin's 1955 delight, Gin Fizz - morphing into orange blossom and finally a rosy rhubarb and musk dry down.

Completely inoffensive, delightfully refreshing, and constantly uplifting as any eau should be. Its cost is not justified, however, as there are dozens of similar eaus out there at half or a quarter the cost.

For those seeking the citrus/rose blend, I recommend Agraria's Lemon Verbena, at much lower cost.
12th March 2016
Smelled it today and it is just a citrus lollypop what you are smelling and this is a expensive niche fragrance,i am shocked,just move on people....
18th July 2015
Divine Bergamote

Two things

Firstly, I'm glad this isn't typically citrus-woody. Its citrus-green.

Secondly, spraying it is like misting yourself with sparkling water at the beach.

What makes it unique is that, I feel, it's (bergamot) a step up from lemons.

Don't get me wrong I love lemons. I love a good squeeze of lemon on biryani, Lemon and mint juice, lemon tart and lemon sorbet. But it's a bit less dimensional than bergamot.

Bergamot feels a bit more complex in nature. Not on the level of geranium or jasmine complexity but more complex than other items in the citrus basket (lemons and lime for example). I get this aromatic vibe from it that makes me feel like I'm smelling an aromatic herb but instead of it being herbaceous , it's citric.

I went back and forth between Divine Bergamote and Bergamote 22 Le Labo but finally settled on Divine Bergamote. The green facet really appealed to more than b22's woody-citric approach.

The epitome of refreshment.
22nd March 2013
A fizzy bergamot opening you can almost chew on, but before you have time to swallow the thing shrinks to a postage stamp-sized rosey musk of no distinction.
9th August 2012
Bergamot essential oil, lightened and freshened (lime and green notes), and with a hint of pepper in the opening which settles into ginger. Great idea for a body splash, a bit of a yawn as a perfume.
14th July 2012
As well as others underlined i say that the most captivating part is made by the top lemony notes (lime-bergamot) that are pungent, natural and almost fizzy (also because of the rhubarb effect-i smell the association with Apparition Homme Ungaro), till when a sort of windy and more coloured fruity phase tames a bit the fizzy pleasure and introduces a final joyful, airy (ginger), slightly powdery and musky stage. This bergamot is not imperial or decadent, is just natural and a bit grassy with ozonic traces that remind me slightly the wonderful Sel de Vetiver. I don't dislike the rhubarb central element that intensifies and darkens a bit the juice turning it out slightly boozy. Not bad.
27th March 2012
the first couple of times i wore it, i was getting fresh citrusy smell, nice, but nothing too special. i was attracted to this perfume by the promise of rhubarb and ginger - and it never got to it, as the scent would go away quite quickly. today however after a couple of initial citrus minutes all i was getting was... rose! person i was with confirmed that i smelled like rose water )) and still no rhubarb... so all in all, i am not smitten, not impressed - but it is an all right scent.
22nd November 2011
My sample cube reads BERGAMOTE, not DIVINE BERGAMOTE. Not sure whether these are the same or mine is supposed to be less than divine, but I had pretty low expectations for a fragrance bearing the name of a note found in 33% of all perfumes and usually not playing a starring role--perhaps for a reason?

Those expectations were met and exceeded. There's certainly more than bergamot in this refreshing citrus cologne. The ginger blends in to produce a tonic which reminds me for obvious reasons of Bond no 9 NEW YORK FLING, also a citrus-ginger composition.

In a side-by-side comparison, I find NEW YORK FLING certainly more declarative but also more interesting than BERGAMOTE, probably because of the touch of florality and basil mingling with the wood. I also think that as a straight-up citrus, BERGAMOTE does not really stand out from the crowd and has poor longevity even in this category notorious for evanescence.
26th August 2011
Fantastic!!! One of the most refined compositions of Jean-Claude, fresh and elegant. Bravo!!! a truly thumbs UP for me.
27th June 2011