Bergamote 22 fragrance notes

    • petitgrain, grapefruit, amber, musk, vetiver

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This fragrance is similar to Versace Man Eau Fraiche but with a more natural and deeper scent. However, it is still quite linear. While it might not be worth a full bottle purchase, it could be a good option for those who want to stick to one fragrance for the summer.
17th September 2022
Bright bergamot and neroli, riding atop a bed of fresh greenery from the petigrain and vetiver. The whole thing is rounded out and given a soft fuzziness from ambroxan. A pleasant, easy reach during the warmer months, though it loses my interest fairly quickly.
22nd May 2022

Initial blast is run-of-the-mill citrusy not far from orange flower and neroli. But what makes this shine and sets it apart is the presence of amber and musk - the same musk that is present in excess abundance in AnOthoer 13. This musky-ness is in the background and only really shows up strong in the mid and dry downs.
This makes Bergamote 22 PERFECT in the summer. Sensual snuggling is that much more enjoyable.
2nd January 2022
I agree with Constantine, where I'm not sure what the fuss was about. I felt that his description was fairly apt. I did not enjoy this it was a weird mix of should smell rather clean, but doesn't it smells kind of musty or something.
25th November 2020
This is TDC's bergamote with UFC gloves.
15th September 2020
Sooo, I do not have a ton of experience with fragrance in general, I've mostly sampled Tom Ford, Floris, D.R. Harris and some designer fragrances(the only ones I've tried are from Dior , Prada, givenchy and I hate everything i've tried from these 3 :) ). Coming from this background, I really like Bergamote 22. To me it smells mellow citussy. It's fresh, but a little "sexy" and spicy in a way, I mean it's not as squidgy as a lemon or orange scent. I really like the way they did the citrus note, because especially in the beginning I can smell rind as well.
15th May 2020
This should really be called Vetiver 22, as the Bergamot only lasts for 30-45 minutes. After that, strictly vetiver.

This really has about the best citrus opening I've experienced, outside of DH Cologne 2007, which is what keeps it from a thumbs down. The middle transitions nicely and shines as well. But the base is all vetiver, at least with my body chemistry. Glad I didn't make a purchase.
23rd June 2019
I like this, it is very well blended; nice, fresh and I adore the vetiver note. My only criticism's overpriced!
21st June 2019
Like this a lot. Instant hit of citrus and reminds me of mid-morning walks in the Lido de Jesolo area. Made me happy to wear this on a grey English day. One for perking me up, I think!
9th June 2019
I don't understand what all the fuss is about. On my skin it smells like a used spa massage cloth thats been left in the cupboard for a couple of days with an acridity that gets up the nose but some may call a masculine edge.
It's got some bite which is more than can be said for Original Santal which is insipid but inoffensive unless you factor in the price.

Fragrance: 6/10
Projection: 7/10
Longevity: 7/10

18th April 2019
Enjoyable citrus woody vetiver. The amber makes the vetiver more toasty, and the musk sweetens it up. Unfortunately the citrus dies away very quickly. Vetiver Extreme has more oomph! But I can see those who want a more subtle fragrance than VE who would choose this instead.
23rd January 2019
Nice classic eau de cologne freshness in an uber-pricy potion by Le Labo. Bergamote 22 is quite enjoyable to smell and wear, but as with other Le Labo fragrances, is an experimental concoction that belies the note names that it attaches to its products.

Fragrance notes: amber, musk, grapefruit, vetiver, petitgrain, bergamot, vanilla, orange blossom and cedar

Petitgrain adds a very pleasant juniper berry-like quality to Bergamote 22. Vetiver - along with orange blossom, vanilla, and amber - add a smooth, green-sweet essence to the mix. Musk creeps into all this but isn't overwhelming.

This is a nice, well-crafted juice from Le Labo. As with others they sell, I'll stick to sampling and spraying from local Nordstrom counters than to plunk down hundreds of US dollars for a full bottle.

17th August 2018