Bergamot fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Bergamot, Lavender, Lemon, Orange, Rosemary
  • Heart

    • Jasmine, Rose
  • Base

    • Coriander, Ginger, Musk, Oakmoss, Patchouli, Vetiver

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Latest Reviews of Bergamot

A really nice interpretation of bergamot, with the added coloring of spices, flowers, and earthy elements that transform it into a richer, "greener" experience.

I have recently experienced Dior's Velvet Bergamot, which truly highlights bergamot and reinforces it via the supporting notes. It is a singular, fairly linear scent that never ceases to showcase bergamot in a clear manner.

Xerjoff's Bergamot puts forth a picture of a thicker, more pungent and deeper bergamot that has an additional soapiness and aromatic character. Truly wearable and well-crafted, a moderate projection and okay longevity - too bad it's not in production anymore, so expect it to be harder and more expensive to find online!
1st January 2019
Roja Dove Bergamot is a baroque rendering of the tart dry lemony bergamot. This is a short story told with quick development, no unraveling note chords that you find in so many Roja oriental big fragrances. There are many excellent bergamot fragrances available today and this one is as good as most, but not better, just different in that it is definitely Roja Dove styled with richness of character. The opening is round slightly sweet and opens onto a sharp/dry bergamot lemon twist with a languid backstory of rosemary, jasmine and musk which purrs beneath the lemony tartness hiding under the sharp edges. A quick dry green nipped finish and it is the end of this bergamot story - simple and taken all within one breath. The jasmine mid note definitely paints Roja Bergamot with an old world touch that reminds me of vintage perfumes from Goutal Eau de Sud, Eau de Guerlain or early Creed Royal Water. Bergamot has now been discontinued from the Roja lineup most probably because there is not enough complication in this fragrance to present a big story as is the style of most Roja Dove perfumes. Just a simple, baroque styled, old world taste of note bergamote.
6th July 2017

Roja Dove Bergamot Extrait's scent is fairly on-point with the name; it's a refreshing, bright bergamot scent. I get a little sweetness and certainly some refinement but mostly the bright citrus of the bergamot itself.

It's not special in terms of either projection or longevity, especially given the extrait concentration. I can't fathom actually paying the retail Roja price for it, and luckily I don't have to, as it's discontinued now, anyway.

An interesting try and a worth summer scent, but not one I'll be tracking down.

7 out of 10
10th March 2016
The opening blast in unexpected; it is bergamot all right, but it is combined with the aroma of very ripe, rich and sweet oranges, and initially the latter component dominates. This makes the opening a sweet bergamot with orange - unusual indeed, but very pleasant.

In the drydown a traditional light jasmine with a very nice greenish is added, and in the base I get a distinct gingery addition. Interestingly, in the latter third of the development the bergamot re-emerges, but now without the orange, and now it is the traditional bright and slightly tart fresh bergamot I am traditionally inclined to expect from this plant.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin - worthy of the name 'extrait'. Nice on cooler summer days, the excellent quality of the ingredients is without doubt. 3.5/5
30th December 2015
Today I sampled Rova Dove - Bergamot Extrait

It was not as I had expected. My preconceived image of this was that it would be a bitter and sparkling fragrance that with a private jet would take me back to the Amalfi coast with its sun, sand and extravagance.

Bergamot Extrait is much darker than I thought , and instead of the sunny Amalfi Coast, I was brought to a green meadow where I'm standing in the pouring rain with the forest that rises on the horizon . The color I see is dark green instead of shimmering turquoise .

It is more adult and sophisticated than I imagined and although the lemons and bergamot are there, they are darkened down considerably by moss and vetiver . In the drydown , I feel clearly the clean and soapy scent of white musks that elegantly blends with the green.

Superb craftsmanship and quality ingredients as it should be when it comes to the Roja and the price you must pay to indulge yourself with this.
11th May 2015
Heavy, ornate and languid. This is an extrait and it wears close to the skin after the initial sparkle and bloom.
23rd December 2013