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Orto Parisi (2014)

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Bergamask by Orto Parisi

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Reviews of Bergamask by Orto Parisi

There are 7 reviews of Bergamask by Orto Parisi.

For me it smells like citronella based mosquitoes repellents. Exactly like that. If you ever used Relec you get the idea. I will not buy.

I sprayed one spray on the back of my hand. It started out with an ok Eau Sauvage-y opening of bergamot and (probably) a bunch of hedione, but after only a short time it turned into the screechiest, sharpest, and most foul-smelling synthetic musk concoction that I’ve ever smelled. This is truly “nuclear”: the scent projected like crazy and no matter how hard I tried I simply couldn’t scrub it off. I washed my hands with soap many times, washing extra hard on the spot where I sprayed the scent, but that only reduced it to maybe 50% of it’s full power. When I came home I scrubbed it with alcohol, reducing it a further to maybe 25% of it’s strength. When I went into the shower the morning after, it was STILL THERE.
So yes, incredible performance, but what good is that performance if the perfume smells like a barrel of toxic waste?
I am truly disgusted by this scent.

My collection of fragrances mainly consists of Strong Ouds and plenty of Oriental types.
But Orto Parisi have Set a new bench mark in the performance category..... this is absolutely Nuclear.
Sharp, Stringent and very Masculin. Totally unmatched by any other. Caution needed as I'm not sure this will suit many however this is a complete Masterpiece in my opinion.

This is possibly on of my strongest. Or at least in my top 5.

Overall scent 9.8- 10
Sillage 9.5 - 10
Performance 10- 10

3 Sprays and this lasts over 15 hours on my skin and is still very noticeable way after.

A waxy, synthetic concoction that is completely linear from the first spray to whenever you shower it off. A loud, yet flat smelling bergamot over a plasticine musk, with hints of a white flower and possibly sandalwood in support. The bottle has a very mist projecting sprayer and I assume that may be purposeful, as the sillage is huge. It's wearable, but not my preference in this genre of fragrance.

Love this stuff. Not the most natural of citrus scents, but one which keeps its citrus feeling all day long and then some. Dries down to a softer citrus with a more mellow soft sweet woody feel. Crazy sillage so doesn’t need much encouragement with the trigger. Wore it for a day out in London and kept getting lovely soothing wafts of it all day long into the evening. Suited the day and the evening and lasted with ease. Easy purchase.

It reminds me of Eau d'Hermes.

It's a bright citric bergamot dredged by an animalic musky accord. Maybe a hint of blooming jasmine (when blooming at night, jasmine projects more than during the day).
Not fecal, animalic.

Since I own semi-vintage eau d'hermes & not huge on the genre personally, I'll pass.

A huge bergamot over a slew of powdery musks and vague white florals. Extremely compressed chemicals (you can tell he's just layering the same note over and over through different molecules) that create a wall of bergamot with zero character and zero connection to anything natural. Mildly herbal, mildly honeyed, a handful of super-tame musks, but there's really not much more to it than that. So, picture something like Neroli Portofino with any semblance of naturally-occurring materials removed and replace them with animatronic stand-ins and you'll get what this is about. It's probably the most loud bergamot available, and that's not a good thing. An over-compressed illiterate bergamot train wreck.

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