Bentley for Men Intense fragrance notes

  • Head

    • black pepper, incense, geranium
  • Heart

    • clary sage, labdanum, leather
  • Base

    • cedarwood, patchouli, sandalwood

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Some commentators go contrarian on this one, saying it’s not worth the hype, overrated or “smells cheap”. Some people need nice things to be expensive. To convey status. Or maybe some just can’t handle car brand frags, especially those that cost under $40.

There are definitely “cheapie gems” that are overhyped. But Bentley for Men Intense ain't one of them. I’ve blind bought so many frags that I ended up not liking or needing that I won’t comment on if it’s “blind buy worthy”. And I’m sure you can find expensive niche and designers you’d prefer. But maybe not so much in a blind comparison?

A warm, comfortable - and comforting - fragrance. This might pass for a Dior Homme Flanker. Or a By Killian. It’s smooth, elegant and smells of quality.

It’s good. And it’s stupid good at the price point.
31st December 2022
I am a little confused as to why people keep thinking this is 'boozy' while also mentioning that the 'boozy' isn't all that - maybe because there isn't actually a rum/booze note? In this case I feel like Nathalie uses the black pepper, incense and herbs to bring out a car leather type scent vs a clothing leather. As the patchouli presents itself more the sandalwood and cedarwood keep it very dry and airy and not very sweet. Maybe because it is a spiced up leather and patchouli that doesn't quite make it to gourmand , boozy is the most apt descriptor for lack of a better one.
Bentley for Men Intense is indicated for cooler season wear and at the moment an inexpensive option to add to your collection. Bentley for Men Intense is praised for a reason. At the inexpensive price point it is at right now I do recommend it, but if prices go significantly higher relative to other options that praise will dry up a bit. Still, this is another fine Lorson creation. Thumbs up.
21st May 2022

This is a pretty great scent for the price, but the rum note smells a bit cheap. I'm not sure if "cheap" is the right word; perhaps "one-dimensional" is a better description. It's worth the hype in some ways, but not in others. I know that sounds contradictory. It's mainly been hyped due to the price, so I understand why it has been featured in so many Youtube videos. However, the scent profile is not mind-blowing or unique, so it's important to adjust your expectations accordingly.

Overall, it's a good scent, but you can save up your money for other "boozy" types of fragrances that offer more complexity and depth.
10th March 2022
A boozy, creamy masculine scent with wonderful longevity. It's rich and woody.
Reminds me just slightly of a more sophisticated and sweeter version of the original release of Kenneth Cole R.S.V.P. but Bentley Intense is the power house here. A beautiful fragrance.
2nd February 2022
Bentley for Men Intense is a warm, woody, aromatic masculine fragrance. I find it to be a comforting and enjoyable fragrance to wear from the opening to the dry-down. The opening of Bentley for Men Intense reminds me of sitting up at a grand wooden bar with a shot of rum in front of me, while the bar tenders mix and pour various spirits and liquors. The opening of this fragrance is deep and rich with cedar wood and leather. There is some benzoin in the opening and usually I'm not a big fan of benzoin scents, but in this composition it seems to be well blended and brings the other scents together to create a nice opulent gentlemen's bar accord. As the fragrance begins to settle on the skin that boozy note is there , like a good quality Caribbean rum, with a very appealing hint of caramel. I don't get as much of the pepper, but definitely the cinnamon is there. As the fragrance dries down it becomes slightly powdery and more floral. The incense is there throughout the trajectory but stands out more to me in the dry-down. Performance wise, Bentley for Men Intense lasts all day on my skin, albeit by the afternoon as a skin scent. It projects moderately well for the first 3 hours. I would say Bentley Intense for Men is a great autumn or winter scent, although I have enjoyed wearing it in spring. I think due to it's pleasant, generally appealing dry-down it is a versatile scent that can be worn at work or socially, perhaps even as a date fragrance, although I would describe it as comforting, relaxing and happy rather than sexy but other noses may find the boozy scent to be sexy. Overall Bentley Intense for Men is a rich, luxuriant fragrance with reasonable performance and for the price is a great value addition to my collection.
3rd December 2021
My thoughts on Bentley for Men Intense Bentley

I definitely get the pepper and rum up top, really nice. Then the cinnamon and woodiness come along, great. Even at dry down the cinnamon occasionally pops in with the wood and incense, lovely. Also, on my skin the patchouli and cedar are very apparent throughout which I love.

Honestly for the price point I think this is a great fragrance. It is priced well enough that I can wear it frequently and not have to worry about the cost, plus I really love this on me. I know others have said it “smells cheap” or is “too synthetic” but I do not get that from this at all. In fact, I think it smells quite classy and sophisticated; a very mature, manly scent. And it’s unique enough that I’ve never smelled it on anyone else. When I wear this I do get compliments on it from time to time.

Has pretty decent projection the first few hours, then settles in a bit closer to my body. Lasts a long time on me, probably about 8 hours before it is a true skin scent. I wear this to work as well as out for the evening. Wear it typically on cooler days since it’s a bit overwhelming to me in the heat. I would expect to smell this on a man as it’s very masculine and doesn’t really have a unisex vibe to my nose.

As always, your results may vary!
8th November 2021
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