Bengale Rouge fragrance notes

    • sandalwood, turkish rose, honey, vanilla, myrrh, tonka, Orris, Oakmoss, Benzoin, Labdanum

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Wonderful from start to end. Sweet soft and silky. Great performance too. Great scent from a talented house.
16th January 2023
Most of Papillon's perfumes start off beautifully for me, but usually head south within five to ten minutes. With Anubis, Spell 125, and Salome in particular, what seems initially to be a symphonic composition of notes quickly becomes the buzz of garage-band guitars, dense and inscrutable, struggling to find some rhythm amid the confusion of resins and incense and leather and smoke.

Bengale Rouge, along with Dryad, is one of the exceptions. Even though it's still weighty, both in intent and execution, it's a more focused composition.

Much in the way that Dryad recalls all my favorite green floral chypres of yore, Bengale Rouge smells like a callback to traditional oriental structure, an homage to Shalimar, only without the bergamot. In its place, a beautiful, almost luminous myrrh starts things off, which along with benzoin, honey, and labdanum, pretty much defines the fragrance for the next three to four hours (I struggle to pick out the rose, the iris, the sandalwood).

Not to say it doesn’t TRY to go mushy—it leans toward sour in the middle—but it manages to pull back from the edge and hold itself together as an interesting modern oriental. The dry down, though, wah wah wah—a complete personality change into a conventional blend of tonka and vanilla. Although at least it's cozy.

30th May 2022

Lovely warm scent perfect for a winter's day. I like the opening and middle, but the drydown does turn into a sort of boring amber. It's fine. I don't think I need a full bottle, but I really enjoyed my sample.
14th March 2022
Although they're not listed, l get a deliciously pungent accord of Christmassy spices here: ginger, clove & nutmeg or perhaps cinnamon. During the first hour, there's a vaguely "turned" note if l sniff up close, but from further away it's a cloud of spices, with faintly animalic undertones. An hour in, the benzoin note steps forward to sweeten things up a bit, but it's kept in check by a glorious waft of smoke, & l don't smell honey here at all. From here, it slowly sinks into a long & luscious drydown of resinous myrrh & labdanum, with the texture of warm animal fur, & the sweet-smoky spices clinging on to the end. lt's still going softly eleven hours in.
Having loved this on the first try, I asked for & received a bottle for Christmas, & it quickly became a favourite for cosying up with on long winter evenings. I gather that it was inspired by the smell of Liz Moores' cat's fur imbued with her perfume, & I certainly purr like a contented cat when wearing it.
11th January 2022
I like this one quite a bit. I'm usually averse to any fragrance featuring honey as it usually comes off too sweet and nauseating. The honey in this one is done right. Myrrh and Benzoin add to the warmth of this fragrance.Labdanum is a perfect addition giving an amber accord. The Myrrh gives it a slightly medicinal/balmy accord. Thumbs Up!
4th March 2021
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