Etat Libre d'Orange (2008)

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Etat Libre d'Orange
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Created for New York department store Henri Bendel.

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Reviews of Bendelirious by Etat Libre d'Orange

Fragrance In Three Words: candied cherry musk

This is another one of ELDO's discontinued late 00s fragrances. It is fairly easy to get hold of and costs similar prices to when it was still in production at sub-£100 prices for 100ml bottles.

This starts with an incredibly bright cherry. It is a candy cherry similar to what you would taste and smell in a lollipop or soda. I get a fizzy slightly sour note which could be either the champagne or grapefruit. This takes the edge of the sweetness, but it is a trace note and very faint.

Drydown has tonka listed and to me it smells like vanilla musk. Not quite as obvious and prominent in Ghost (2000), which is my go-to reference for vanilla and white musk. Benderlirious is to my nose more expensive smelling and less enveloping. I don't pick up much in the way of leather or rooty florals or if I do they are surprisingly subtle. I do get a huge note of Turkish delight jam which runs through most of the fragrance.

It's a fun and silly fragrance. It's on the feminine side more than the unisex side. It is sweet and like all of ELDO's fragrances features quality ingredients and an evolving palette. I preferred it over Chargogne which I tried earlier this year. For me it's just a bit too candied and not sexy enough.

Rating: 7 out of 10
Source: 1ml decant from respected website
May 20, 2021

What's up with ELdO's press materials? These little narratives they write are kind of stupid, especially since they apparently want to make perfume that somehow transcends hype. Are these stories supposed to appeal to our aspirational selves? It's a strange marketing strategy from a house that seems to thumb its nose at the whole idea of traditional marketing.

As for their fragrances, ELdO's best ideas seem to come from taking an established French classical model, and then tweaking it just off its axis with an unexpected note or accord. This can be fun for everyone: adding red pepper to their version of Caron's current Nuit de Noel makes it literally something to sneeze at--and also makes a great fragrance. It's witty and it's wearable.

However, if I were the folks at Henri Bendel, I would feel annoyed with this extremely short-lived fragrance with my name on it. Its cherry candy note is interesting, as is the tribute to Bendel's famous leather goods allegedly built into the perfume's drydown. However, I do not smell Champagne anywhere in this fragrance (I sell the stuff for a living, so I know it when I smell it), or Tonka, or much else. I think the iris is a nice idea, and iris and leather together could have been classy, dreamy salute to Chanel fragrances.

However, this fragrance suffers from what seems to be a poverty of either materials or attention or both, and the whole thing falls apart like a cheap handbag. Are these guys poking fun at the guys at Bendel? Do they want this perfume to be this bad? I can't tell, and their intentions are unfortunately obscured by their silly marketing.
Mar 12, 2016

Weird "Pop" aroma guys. The Bendelirious's opening is like a fizzy boozy-sparkling (rhubarb-like) almost disturbing violet-cherry whiff by soon evolving towards a candied and synthetically musky (galaxolide) central stage surrounded by final soapy undertone. Really pungent, candied and fruity. Any trace of leather I frankly "retrace" on my skin while the dry down basically performs as a fruity-musky soap somewhat anonimous and vaguely powdery (in to a linear way). There is a vague earthyness from the vetiver for a while and a touch of soapy musk surrounding the deep cherry type of fruitiness combined with pale woods and a starring balmy vanilla (laundry-toilette type). Frankly I don't know what to think, just I find this aroma almost senseless and no way to be labelled. I would never purchase such a bath-foam like synthetic liquid but I see as could it appeal the "un-civilized" mass. Anyway chemical boredom and nothing else.
Jul 8, 2014

The opening is beautiful, but as I've learned to expect from many contemporary niche avant-garde scents made of promises more than liquid, it will soon collapse – as in fact it will do, so enjoy it until it's there. I like the opening because it's joyful, colourful and funny, in a really peculiar way; a fruity-floral accord (rose, orris, violet and to me, perhaps also other flowers I don't get, some dense narcotic note I do not detect entirely), vanillin, some bittersweet syrupy notes, with an earthy-herbaceuos "vegetable garden" feel and a soft, cozy amber-vetiver-sandalwood base. It may look kind of confused perhaps, but instead it's developed in a really bright, dynamic and playful way, I can not come to explain it better, but I liked it and it put a smile on my face. As minutes pass, everything slowly finds its place and tones down, leaving the stage to orris root, violet and leathers, like in a theather show when the side characters "disappear" in the backstage for the main scene. This main accord is nice as well, not that powerful and not even that good in terms of quality (I thought of Parfum d'Empire's Equistrius, which has nothing to do with this scent overall but to this extent, it is based on the same accord, and for me that's far more better), but still quite nice, although already losing strenght at the speed of light. Peculiar salty metallic feel on the very under-base. Rubbery safraleine feel, which I really don't like – or better said; I know it's there, I know 99% of leather scents are based on that, I just don't like when noses don't do any effort to "use" it in some way that doesn't make you notice it. Anyway, my overall opinion on this scent it's... well I don't know. I can't say it's bad, it has a nice, almost beautiful opening, a decent evolution, a funny and bright playful approach to accords, it's clean and pleasant, it "works" somehow. It has some "con's", but it's also safe and wearable, still... you feel a little bit of disappointment, some "they could do better than this" regret.

May 7, 2014

Bendelirious by Etat Libre d`Orange is not the most challenging composition, but it is definitely not vapid or generic. It opens with a sweet and fruity white wine—maybe a gewürztraminer or Asti Spumante—and hair product. The wine and aqua net quickly settle down to reveal soft, buttery leather and waxy oris root in the form of lipstick. The realistic leather has a touch of warm salty skin mixed in and I can see why the “leather jacket” accord is mentioned in the note list. On the other hand, the lipstick note is so prevalent that I’m reminded of a leather handbag full of makeup instead a jacket. Considering that I prefer to wear synthetic leather, the application of this fragrance can help the fantasy along. This might turn out to be my favorite lipstick and leather fragrance!

Yes, I really fell for the marketing. 4/5
Dec 24, 2013

i normally don't leave reviews, but i believe this is worthy of a positive rating as well as a full test run. from several wearings i have been able to detect most of the notes listed in the pyramid. for me it's fun, quality, and complex. as with all the ELDOs i have worn, i get 8
Oct 4, 2012

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