François Demachy:

"I love this juicy Pear note which you can almost taste, like a dessert. Along with rose and a hint of wood, it retains some mystery. The perfume has a licentious, sexy and sensual charm, like a delectable woman." 

Belle de Jour fragrance notes

    • Pear, Rose, Woods

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Dior Belle de Jour was released in 2018 as part of Maison Christian Dior collection, a mix of pear, rose, and woods, officially, and it's very clearly a fruity rose. The pear note is one I like when blended in but I'm not usually a huge fan of it when featured; still, it's well done in Belle de Jour, giving a good balance of fruity and rosy, very pleasant, sharp but not too sharp.

It gives me the vibe of a spring/summer/fall daytime fragrance. It's an easy “like” but not really close to being a “love” in my case, elegantly done but simple, without a ton of depth. Still, I could see this being an easy unisex year-round winner for many. It's slightly feminine but not prohibitively so. I could wear it comfortably in various situations. It's good performer, as well, though not outstanding.

Belle De Jour is priced the same as the rest of the collection, at $450/320/220 for 450/250/125ml, which has remained consistent for the past two years or so, I believe.

7 out of 10
15th May 2020
Belle de Jour is one of my two faves in this line-- just exuberantly fresh floral/fruity with the best pear note of all time. This is one of my must haves, and another example of how the best frags aren't masculine or feminine, they just smell great.
28th May 2019