Part of Body Shop's "Invent your scent" range. The range consists of 9 fragrances which you can mix to create your own fragrances.

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To me this smells like the aroma of freshly cut stems of various flowers all at once.

I'm thinking that would fall under the "GREEN" note, I do not know what lily-of-the-valley smells like.

I know it's listed as a woman's fragrance but it seems unisex enough for me and I usually layer it with another green/floral cologne when I go out and about.

My masculine scent of choice for the layering is Heno de Pravia.

It lasts a good amount of time and it is linear, in other words- same from begining to the end.
7th May 2012
Beautiful. Even though it's only a part of "invent your scent" I think I couldn't get tired by this alone. Very green, fresh and leafy but there is also musk (and fig?) that gives it complexity.
18th May 2006