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Art and Olfaction Awards finalist, 2020.  The company says: 

The spring day seems still and peaceful. Yet beneath the wildly splattered canvas of a blossom-strewn meadow, thousands engage in a desperate race for survival. Worker bees toil at a frantic pace, ferrying a precious cargo of nectar and pollen to deposit it within cramped honeycomb cells, where it will nurture drones and larvae under the eye of a regal queen. In the claustrophobic hive, a deafening buzz offers evidence of the bees' devotion to duty, not a single worker pausing to question its role in perpetual grind of life in the queendom.

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Reviews of Bee by Zoologist Perfumes

There are 9 reviews of Bee by Zoologist Perfumes.

Imagine of a midcentury boudoir that belongs to a burlesque dancer.her perfume is thick and syrupy,her skin is salty and powdery and her breath is slightly boozy.unisex but i don't honestly see a man wearing's definitely on the feminine side.the kind of fragrance that you want to sniff every few minutes and you can not get enough of it.Bee is one of the most realistic honey beeswax scent.this is wonderfully power stuff,but not in a way that screams when you walk in a room. luscious,charming,warm,cuddly, sensuous,powdery,deep and wearable.

Lovely beeswax from beginning to end.the resinous honey gently sticks to the beeswax all the way through.the dry down reveals some flowery&powdery notes but the beeswax is still there that calmes your senses,envelops you with warmth,comfort.the floral and resinous aspects keep it from being too much thought.not my cup of tea at all. undeniably excellent quality and performance.definitely for the winter times.don't even try if you don't like honey&beeswax because that's what slowdive is all about.sillage is huge at first but dies down to a moderate-to-low level pretty quickly.
Dec 29, 2020

Reading reviews of Bee, both here and the other site which shall remain nameless, the only thing that's consistent is how wildly inconsistent everyone's impressions are.

First off, Zoologist Perfume sprayers are the very best I've seen. A micro-fine mist that lasts long enough to cover you, throat to bellybutton with a single push, as if it were under pressure.

I'm happily getting all the notes, I love them all. Beautifully distinctive. A few other reviews hint around the edges of a referenced accord with genteel phrases like "not quite anamalic, but......" Or, "I *think there's a hint of cat pee in there?'

I'm going to come right out and say it. Clean ladybits.
Oct 23, 2020

Can I just quote thrilledchilled's review and use it as my own??

Yes, this is honey and I like honey perfumes, but instead of playing the honey against bitter, woody, or smokey notes, Bee sweetens it further with marshmallowy flowers, so it feels unbalanced, like it just screams "SWEEEEEEEEEETTTT!!!!" instead of trying for artful juxtaposition.

Like thrilledchilled says, I'll stick with Slowdive.

All that being said, this isn't a bad perfume, just not what I'm into, so I'm voting neutral instead of a full-on thumbs down.
Sep 16, 2020

Not crazy about it. Get beeswax and honey but it feels cloying and little development. Too linear and I like Hiram Green Slowdive much better.

I wanted to like Bee so much but I just don't. At the end of the day, not much going on other than cloying sweetness to my nose.
May 17, 2020

Long overdue sampling of Zoologist Bee, one of the most recent and acclaimed releases from this celebrated Toronto-based house run by Victor Wong, created by perfumer Cristiano Canali, courtesy of a sample from Nir Guy and my favorite boutique, the Philadelphia-based Perfumology, which is still up and running online and sells the brand, of course.

As the name conjures the habitat of a Bee, my expectation of this from the onset was a honeyed resinous floral scent, and the reality, as reported by many, is just that, with lots of layers and nuance. The opening is bright and loud–room-filling, it seems–with florals, honey/vanilla, and citrus, not to mention the hefty beeswax.

The dry down less involves the citrus, still with some florals, but more the immaculate combination of beeswax, honey, vanilla, and tonka–a creamy, sweet-but-not-overwhelmingly resinous mix that feels smooth and balanced in all of the right ways.

The transition from opening to dry down in Bee feels right, with not an immensity of evolution but rather a subtle change from bright and loud to more modest and balanced, albeit still as dense and rich as from the start.

It's not as dark, smoky, or animalic as a lot of amber scents (not that I would expect it to be) but it's nonetheless honeyed and resinous and creamy in a lot of the ways that many amber-dominant scents are.

Bee is priced at $195 for 60ml and is an extrait concentration, consistent with the rest of the house, and, like other offerings in the house, performs very well. Certainly I'd recommend fans of resinous and honey fragrances, especially, to try out Bee, but fragrance fans in general should find this an interesting fragrance to explore. I wholly love it and am very impressed with the creation. It's on the list.

8 out of 10
Apr 3, 2020

Smelling Zoologist Bee gives you a taste of what it must be like to be a small insect sampling the nectar from a wild flower. Pure pleasure and you immediately want to drink in more of it. Well we are stuck with being humans so we can't directly have that experience, however the fragrance does remind me – a very personal association - of the aroma of Heineken lager. Which is no surprise when you think about it for bees can access parts of a flower that other insects cannot reach.

Joking apart, the nectar and lagerbeer notes are merely the hors d'oeuvre here. The main course which follows is creamy and floral, a longlasting accord in which broom plays a leading role. A faint hint of smoking incense in the background adds to the enjoyable atmosphere. This is an excellent original fragrance and the ideal gift for your daughter if she happens to be a beekeeper, like mine.
Feb 5, 2020

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