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Beau de Jour (2020 version) by Tom Ford

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Beau de Jour (2020 version) is a men's fragrance launched in 2020 by Tom Ford

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Reviews of Beau de Jour (2020 version) by Tom Ford

There are 6 reviews of Beau de Jour (2020 version) by Tom Ford.

Tom Ford Beau de Jour (2020)

“I’m a very serious person.” - Tom Ford

Interesting? No.

Good? Seriously good.

4/5 Stars

A very good example of how aromatic fougere should smell like. It's a spiced up lavender with some herbs. Classic yet modern.

Pretty linear on my skin but I don't bother. Very green, mossy and reminding instantly of all time fougere classic scents like Zino Davidoff or YSL Rive Gauche (to me Zino has more of a rose-like quality and Rive Gauche is more barbershop-like).

Longevity is around 7 hours on my skin, sillage is moderate.

I like it a lot but I've got a vintage bottle of Zino in my collection so the choice is very easy and simple for me. But who knows, maybe one day I'll purchase Beau de Jour.

Not a lot has changed between the release of Tom Ford Beau de Jour (2019) as part of the private blend line and Tom Ford Beau de Jour (2020) from the signature range, but the tweak is worth mentioning. Most importantly, the packaging update to more-closely resemble other newer entries in the Signature line with the ribbed cylindrical bottle is welcome, plus the slightly nicer (but still expensive) price tag makes Beau de Jour feel a bit more realistic to me. As a semi-permanent addition to the masculine line-up (since Tom Ford frequently axes lines), Beau de Jour is also feels a bit less like a nostalgia cash-in. I for one, would have never considered buying Beau de Jour as a Private Blend; but now it seems a better value for those who want a high-end wet-shaver kind of fragrance. People still on the fence about the necessity of another lavender-forward fougère exercise when many classic examples still exist won't be swayed however, even with the price drop. For me, this is the kind of fragrance I'd buy to say I at least own something from this house I enjoy, since Tom Ford strikes out so often with me when testing. Many of his best Signature line fragrances can also be replaced more cheaply with what they pay respect to, and this one is no different.

The opening riff still brazenly copies Zino Davidoff (1986), but the slight wilting flower/animalic facet is completely missing now, with just the heavy dandy floral and lavender top remaining. The 2019 edition of Beau de Jour didn't have much of that muskiness compared to ZIno, but it had some at least. Here in the new cleaned-up Beau de Jour, we get almost a Caron feel with the approach to lavender, likely accounting for heavy use of real lavandin. Geranium, mint, basil, and oakmoss moved to the heart of the composition to round out the soul of Beau de Jour, while the akigalawood patchouli isolate and patent Tom Ford woody ambers make up the base in place of that reduced (but still present) oakmoss. Everything about the brushed-up Beau de Jour is about being silky-smooth, with all the kinks from the admittedly-quirkier Private Blend iteration ironed out. This is a nü-gère through and through, so worshipers of evernia prunastri that like to sing the blues about IFRA and "they don't make 'em like they used to" need not apply. Wear time is still about 9 hours and sillage is moderate, plus Beau de Jour is still a mature dress-up fragrance as it was before, just perhaps a bit sleeker. I could see people pulling this one off as a signature too, and I think maybe that's the mindset of releasing it as a Signature line fragrance. Too on the nose perhaps? Oh well, I thought it was funny at least.

Besides being a tad cleaner, a bit less expensive, and maybe a touch better-presented, Beau de Jour is the same retro-chic exercise that it was in the previous year, and still par for the course as far as Tom Ford loving to relive the past is concerned. Tom Ford for Men (2007) took a step back as the flagship scent, lingering in select retail stores but disappearing online, so I'm guessing this was slotted to replace it as the bog-standard masculine option from the house. Maybe Tom got tired of seventies-centric amber-heavy masculines and wanted something that was less 70's and more 40's, who knows? Point is, at about $150 for 100ml, Beau de Jour is not a good value so long as Zino Davidoff or even Caron Pour un Homme (1934) still exist with some regularity, but is a good fragrance on its own terms. Tom Ford fans have their daily driver fougère experience that checks all the usual Tom Ford boxes of being a postmodern fragrance much higher in price than its source inspiration, but at least oakmoss is listed on the box, right? If you can get it for a good deal, go for it, but I'd much rather see you do a bit more sampling before jumping in, as this is a loving homage by Antoine Maisondieu to greater things. Thumbs up

A mix-and-match of notable fougeres: Zino Davidoff, Azzaro pour Homme, Rive Gauche, and even a bit of the more dandyish Caron pour Un Homme. This is fresher and smoother than any of the above, slightly adjusted to appeal to a new generation of fragrance-wearers.

I'm not sure this mix-and-match throwback is as interesting as Fougère d'Argent, which went full-bore into smoky, synthetic amber territory and, in doing so, brought new DNA into the style. That was a uniquely "Tom Ford" riff on the genre, and a very luxe-feeling one at that, while the mass-market release of Beau de Jour, for all its polish, feels like genre pastiche. But it's certainly a carefully devised one.

The opening and mid present a kaleidoscopic journey through the tropes of the genre before settling on a dry amber (amberwood-synthetic and very designer-y, but nicely incorporated), clean patchouli, and a lavender that threads the needle between the cool shaving cream of Rive Gauche and doughy lavender of Caron pour un Homme.

The pricing is a bit steep. You're paying for the Ford name and the brand's commitment to R&D budgets. If you're not a stickler for finesse, grab Zino or Azzaro: they swap out this fragrance's restraint for gusto and personality, and arguably have more depth.

The 2010 revamp of Fougère Royale is still the top-flight entry in the category of old-is-new-again fougeres, with a richness and depth in its base that this Beau de Jour can't match. But Fougère Royale was nodding back to the first half of the twentieth century, while Beau de Jour is clearly a nod to its second half, and in that respect, satisfies its brief.

With a certain savoir faire
Acting very debonair
I am in a love affair.

The king is dead (Rive Gauche) Long live the king (Beau De Jour)
This is the epitome of barbershop. Clean and a just smells good fragrance a little pricey, but it has quality. The opening lavenders are special and very real smelling like walking through a field of it. Genuine oakmoss plays a big role in the heart along with spices and herbs closing with Amber and loads of patchouli non offensive in your face but warm and cozy, yet very noticeable and very long lasting. This is a good 12 hour scent.

Back in the late seventies my Grandad took me to one of those old time barbershops when I was about ten years old. They would give you a cut and apply talc and slap aftershave over your cheeks at various stages. This scent reminds me of that time, it has that clean slightly sweet spicy talc aroma of just stepping out of a old time barbers.

I get the resemblance to Rive Gauche but I think this is nicer as it's not as harsh or intense as that one could be. All in all a lovely old school gentleman's scent that just has you smelling finely groomed. Very nice!

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