Beach Hut Man 
Amouage (2017)

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About Beach Hut Man by Amouage

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Elise Benat

Part of the 'Midnight Flower' collection. The company says:

An olfactive escape to a place of freedom and oblivion where nature overpowers all senses.

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Reviews of Beach Hut Man by Amouage

There are 23 reviews of Beach Hut Man by Amouage.

First on, very interesting but with a screechy wood note. But definitely mint and orange blossom, green notes that must be ivy, the spiky wood of patchouli and vetiver and a smoothness of powdery moss. I would love this part if that screamwood was missing. As it mellows out, the scream dies back some and the fragrance turns to a spicy dry herbal scent that I would call 100% unisex. Full dry down however, is totally masculine, but still nicely herbal. The woody notes are very strong on drydown.

Sadly, I tried it again a few months later and it was horrific. There’s a strong yeasty smell like spilled beer permeating the whole of it, so the mint and orange blossom notes rode on top of that Bar-Room-Floor-on-New-Year’s-Day-smell. Awful.

Torn, I let it rest for another few months and resampled again. That time, it was pure Screamwood, rubbing alcohol scent with no other notes. So I guess the upshot is that this one morphs a lot and for me, none of the iterations are wearable.
Nov 25, 2021

What a fantastic minty green fragrance despite the misnomer (more like a jungle hut that possibly abuts a beach but nothing that most would label a beach scent).

Opens with a lovely mint, the best I've smelled so far- it's not like gum or peppermint candies like other fragrances but a very natural mint with the slight powdery scent coming from the purple mint flowers that grow outside my house.

Along with the mint are sharp green notes from the ivy and moss. Not super complex as the mint subsides some with the ivy and moss more apparent as it progresses. Very good longevity for a warm weather scent, although most if it is moss; Avg sillage.

Perfect for late Spring, early Fall and those cool, rainy summer days.

Jul 19, 2021

Beach Hut Man has a minty, orange blossom opening that is somewhat sharp at first, but settles into a cool, refreshing herbal accord as it wears. The ivy, vetiver, myrrh and oakmoss begin to replace the citrus top notes and it becomes a deeper fragrance. The mint is present in a shaving foam fashion, but not a full-on barbershop scent. It's quite powerful, in typical Amouage style, for a fresh fragrance and gives excellent sillage for around four hours with ten plus hours of longevity. A balanced dry down with the mint, vetiver, myrrh combo and little more woody/dirty base. I really like it and would consider a full bottle after my sample is used up.
Mar 19, 2021

Unfortunately not something that works well in our summer's dry desert heat. It's just not sharp enough to lift my sprits I'm afraid.

Perhaps it's more suited to areas with higher humidity ?

In any case, a neutral for me.
Jul 27, 2020

It's all in the drydown for me. It does start off a bit grassy and bitter, but after 20 minutes it becomes a wonderful fresh, slightly grassy, slightly minty, just a hint of sweet, invigorating scent that lasts a long time for this type.

After reading a recent review here, I actually went out and bought a 100ml tester of Lapidus Pour Homme Sport. I agree the Lapidus is exactly the same, if you replace the mint and grass with cat pee and cut the longevity/silage by 80%. The tester bottle will go to the office lunchroom waiting for someone to steal it.
Jun 27, 2020

Synthetic oakmoss and harsh green/incensy opening that were actually done before and in a better (smoother, not that agressive) way in Lapidus Pour Homme Sport. Get the OG and save 250 u$s.
Apr 29, 2020

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