Be Enchanted fragrance notes

  • Head

    • citrus, iced pomegranate, chilled wildberries, crystallized passionfruit
  • Heart

    • honeysuckle, floral frosted bouquet, sugared violet, dewfruit, asian pear
  • Base

    • vanilla, musk, sandalwood

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Be Enchanted smells quite a bit like Ysl Baby Doll in the opening . It gradually morphs into a berry scent ,and considering that it reminds me of Givenchy Hot Couture and EA Britney Spears' Midnight Fantasy I would say the berry in question is Raspberry .

Personally a more reallistic note listing might read
TOP: Grapefruit, Grenadine
Middle: Raspberry (and possible floral back-up singers)
Base : Vanilla (the musk is minimal and a clean one if it IS present at all and the sandalwood is another support or fictional character in this scent) I'm still getting berry and vanilla 7 hours later from the spray mist.

Edit : upon further wearing I felt this scent's citrus was less like my beloved Baby Doll and much more fleeting. The mid-to-basenotes run very sweet ,reminding me of inexpensive candy necklaces that are cool!
For five year olds! I'm lowering my rating to neutral and passing it on to a child in my acquaintance.
21st November 2011