Max Azria (2011)

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Reviews of BCBGMAXAZRIA by Max Azria

There are 4 reviews of BCBGMAXAZRIA by Max Azria.

Big berry fruit on top. Girly. Tart strawberry. Jasmine & lily of the valley move in next. I get a peach vibe briefly. Strong orris root that is bitter. No rose but, I do smell violet. The "girliness" of this perfume doesn't last, in the teen-fruit bomb sense. More of a "mature" fruit thing. Violet begins to soften as musk appears. Soft strawberry lurks still. Good summer scent.
Nov 17, 2018

strawberries and black cherry playing together on a sandalwood base. there is some flowers in there but its not overpowering. the flowers compliment the berries and this is slightly sweet but there is something in there to block some of the sweetness... nice frag for a woman and the price is also nice as of today jan-2017
Dec 26, 2016

This is a fun fragrance. Sweet strawberries, juicy cherries, violet, rose – they’re all right there in the opening. There’s also a slightly sharp note – perhaps the orris root? – which keeps this from tumbling over the edge into too-sweet territory. I managed to pick up a boxed set with the perfume, shower gel and body lotion after Christmas for a great price. It’s a zingy, fresh, clean, slightly soapy scent that lasts well – to me, this brings to mind watching the sunlight sparkling on the water while you laze on a blanket with a good book. Sillage is pretty good, and it lasts well.
Aug 7, 2016

Beginner's Scent BCBG isn't particularly memorable, even down to the title and the Marc Jacobs wannabe bottle, but it's not bad. Most noticeable in the composition, from top to bottom, is the strawberry/raspberry/cherry punch amalgamation with a hint of rose and lily. BCBG isn't very dynamic, so if you enjoy the opening you'll probably like where it's headed. I would recommend this for teenage daughters or friends new to perfumery as a way to steer them in a good direction. Anyone that enjoys this creation should certainly track down Perry Woman, a similarly built but better fleshed-out fragrance.Pros: Decent scent with decent performanceCons: Boring to a trained nose
Jun 21, 2013

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