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    • pepper, bay leaf, vetiver

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I looked up some info on traditional bayrum fragrances, & apparently they are made using the West Indian Pimenta racemosa, a species unrelated to the bay laurel, Laurus nobilis. I am familiar with bay laurel as I have one in my garden, & the opening of this fragrance smells exactly like the pungent, herbal scent given off by the cut leaves when I prune it. Either these unrelated species do in fact smell similar, or this fragrance actually utilises bay laurel, & not the West Indian variety. No matter though, because this impression is swiftly overwhelmed by a strong note of cloves, which continues to dominate for the next couple of hours. There's also something earthy, almost animalic in the mix, suggesting moss rather than vetiver. Once the cloves fade there's a soapy phase, & then finally four hours in I get a softly metallic vetiver in the base. Six hours in, it's still going as a skin scent.
This one is not for me, & I didn't expect it to be, as none of the notes are ones I enjoy smelling on my skin. But if you enjoy very traditional-style, mature masculine fragrances, it may very well be for you.
19th June 2019
Despite its elusive mythical status it's a rather simplistic scent and I was fortunate to discover a partial flacon of this Creed. The opening consisted of pepper spices and bay leaves. It was fairly potent at the opening. The bay leaves provided a sharp bitter herbal accord while the pepper spices reminded me of cloves. It reminds me of the holiday season specifically being in the presence of a xmas tree. Its the smell that I get from the oils given off by fresh pine needles from the xmas tree. Holiday candles particularly the ones that have a xmas tree scent do share a similar smell as well. The spicy herbal accord lasted a while about 2 hours before giving way to a dry earthy green vetiver note. The vetiver does have some resemblance to Chanel Sycomore and Guerlain Vetiver. The vetiver drydown is one of a comfort scent in my opinion, very soothing and relaxing. Bayrhum Vetiver is the most vetiver based scent that I have smelled from Creed. Neither Original Vetiver or Vetiver 48 share the intensity of this vetiver note. There's not a particular occasion that this would be good for but its safe to say that its better suited for cooler weather. This would be one to consider, should an opportunity presents itself, if one enjoys vetiver based scents and/or obscure Creeds.
2nd December 2018

A really attractive unisex potion from Creed!

Bayrhum Vetiver is a woody aromatic that centers heavily on the laurel bush (bay) leaf note. It has a characteristically herbaceous, spicy evergreen-like quality which, when mixed with the bright pepper note and subtle musty dry vetiver mossiness, leads to a rich scent that is quite good.

Not a common scent that you'd find in most fragrance tester counters. I don't think I'd spend the hundreds of US dollars for a full bottle, but it's a great change of space, aromatic wonder that is worth a test.
17th September 2018
A convincing, pure and strong Bayrhum that is freshened up by a dark and earthy Vetiver, although the latter is more an accompaniment to the main Bayrhum note. Rich and displaying the high and beautiful quality of the ingredients. It does not change much, has adequate silage and projection, and on me a longevity of over two hours.
26th November 2012
I've been told this was out of production, by my "fragrance guy" it not? I loved this fragrance for winter, for days I didn't feel so cheerful....
6th August 2006
Not the best. I got a free sample vile (sp!) and tried it. Yuck. Smells like pickels, or something like dill. Oliver should pull this one off the shelves pronto.
11th February 2006
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