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    • Bay Oil, Citrus, Spices

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Ye olde tyme Baye Rhum
With tenacious toasty heart
And gonzo sillage.
21st November 2017
C.O. Bigelow has really done Bay Rum right in my opinion. However, it's not in the EDT. It's in the aftershave balm.
I purchased this scent after falling in love with the bay rum scent of their aftershave balm. It is a perfect blend of spices and doesn't blow you away with clove (as many bay rums do). It is really well done.
I was hoping the EDT would be just a good. It's not. While the scent is similar, it is just far enough "off" to change the way you view it.
Certainly worth trying, especially at its price point. But if you really want their best effort, get the Bigelow aftershave balm. One of my very favorites.
22nd May 2017

The reviews here are quite misleading on this one.. so let me set the record straight. I blind bought this based on the unanimous positive reviews. I paid something like 32 bucks for a 2.5 oz bottle, which isn't a bad deal, but it's money down the drain when you don't wear it.

So the top notes are pretty nice.. sort of a more tropical bay rum. There is definitley little to no clove in this one.. lots of bay leaf, and spices, along with these cheap synthetic woodsy notes. The good top notes fade off pretty quick, and I am left these horrible plastic woodsy synthetic notes in the base. Total waste.
13th April 2015
Finally a Bay Rum cologne that doesn't leave me smelling like a gingerbread man that is drunk on clove oil. Well balanced and exceedinly affordable at $29 for 2.5 oz. this is a highly recommended juice. My other favorite is Ogallala Bay Rum, which ranks a very near 2nd place to this one with the main difference being lack of longevity.
16th December 2014
A beautiful, well-constructed bay rum. If you're even halfway interested in this genre it is a must buy. A perfect spicy fragrance for chilly weather wear. Jump on it.
6th November 2014
To me, this is the best Bay Rum available.
23rd September 2014
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