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Baudelaire by Byredo

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Baudelaire is a shared scent launched in 2009 by Byredo

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Reviews of Baudelaire by Byredo

There are 14 reviews of Baudelaire by Byredo.

I got a sample of this when I ordered something else on eBay. I really like this one! The reviewer before me said it smells watery - that's a perfect way to describe it. Baudelaire really does smell like wet paper, but of course I mean that in a perfume sense and not literally.

It seems that I have to affirm myself as the defender of this rare aromatic opulence. Accused by its generic nature, I understand well why it does not usually like: between the little original and the too bold. But this smells incredible, and everyone will admire it in your skin. Strong, watery, pungent and with magnificent, luxurious incense (the best I've smelled). Woody and dirty impression, clearly intended to create a neglected nature, wild and at the same time darkly refined, with surprising modernity in the decadence that nullifies the "old age" of the perfume.
I use it in my nights of immoral pleasures. But it would serve for an aristocratic dinner if you wanted to be like an "enfant terrible". (After all, it is terribly pleasant, in the best sense).

Byredo Baudelaire is a spicy masculine scent that's vaguely in the same spirit of fougeres while lacking their freshness.

A mix of juniper, pepper, leather, patchouli, incense, and even a little amber, Baudelaire has spicy elements and lean towards more of a cold weather men's signature scent. The juniper and pepper stand out as sharper notes, even in the dry down, but most of the other accords are in harmony, the amber serving as a smoother counterweight to the incense, patchouli, and leather, a trio that can otherwise be daunting..

I like a little bit, but not nearly as much as some of the more classic spicy men's options from the 80s like YSL Jazz and Chanel Antaeus.

Still, it doesn't move the needle for me very much. I can easily see how men and women alike could love this one, but it's just "off" on my skin, not quite where I feel it should be. Perhaps that's simply my wanting it to be more like other fragrances in the same subgenre, but at least for me, Baudelaire is one I was happy to try but am happier not to buy.

6 out of 10

This is a mild thumbs up for a mildly affecting fragrance which takes a slightly different spin on a widely applied formula. Sure it's good; sure it's nice; it would be twice as nice at half the price. The black pepper, incense and leather with very light florals is done all over the place. I am not denigrating this fragrance, It is not, however, a works of olfactory genius. I am only saying there are other options in this category that are similar, possibly more distinctive and less expensive. But if you are worried about this point-- don't-- Baudelaire is a good mens fragrance, for sure. Buy without fear.

I like the leather in the drydown but the rest of the notes don't really do it for me.

Wow factor I sprayed it, went to work last week and i walked into a room with 2 men, both men who are not using perfume and eau de Toilette at all... (Besides daily deodorant.) Both said : damn that smells nice what are you wearing! Ok... point made > its a great scent ! Its an non-offending great balanced (maybe the best for men from byredo in my opnion)scent. great notes with Hyacinth and Juniper its notes are uncommon buth well blend together! like it,love it, and i will describe later what i feel in it. For now a winner.Pros: Blended wellCons:

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